Tuscarora – Correspondence – July 2015



The restored and refurbished Tuscarora Society Hall contains the community museum.Summer hours for Society Hall, the Tuscarora community center, are Saturday and Sunday  11:00-2:00. (Maintained by the Friends of Tuscarora and Independence Valley) The Tuscarora Ladies Club and various other cookie-makers (out-of-work buckaroos, ex-line cooks and Peruvian sheepherders) are making sure there’s coffee and a plate of freshly baked cookies for visitors as they view wall posters and memorabilia of Tuscarora history and the ranching community in Independence Valley.  Of special interest is the recent e-bay purchase of fifty-five original newspapers of the Tuscarora Times Review from 1881-1883, some of which will be available for viewing.

Nancy McLelland



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