Tuscarora – Correspondence – September 2015



If you missed the Elko County Fair Labor Day weekend you missed seeing Tuscarora-Independence Valley cowboys and cowgirls compete and some years sweep the stock horse events. Our local Tuscarora ranch folks are that good.

courtesy VanNorman & FriendsHowever, it’s probably not too late to take in the Van Norman and Friends Production Sale September 18-19, where you will see some of the best bred and finest-trained stock horses in the country. These working cow horses, bred and trained by ranchers in our Tuscarora area, are the real deal: “Many of the horses are raised outside in the high desert terrain which produces good feet and the experience to travel through brush, rocks, water, and steep terrain.”

Crowded into one of the auction barns at the Elko County fairgrounds, this stock horse sale is really fun to watch. The ranchers or their kids put each horse through its paces in a small enclosure. There are bid spotters scanning the audience and a guy way up in the corner with his laptop taking online bids. The auctioneer, Steve Friske from Muleshoe, Texas, is one of the best in the country, and he loves this horse sale because of its authenticity. His Texas drawl is fast and sweet, and you don’t want to scratch your nose while the bid spotters are looking. You might go home with a horse!

Nancy Harris McLelland



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