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Big Ads

Big Ads are really big: 500 words and up to 10 graphics, and it’s always as current as your most recent Facebook post because that’s in your Big Ad too. $360/year.


You’ll need to provide two banner ads (see below) — we call them Billboards. We’ll place them strategically on the pages of both and, linked to your website as you direct. We will replace Billboards and/or destination links any time (usually overnight) without charge, so they always reflect your current campaign.

15,000 Impressions, $500

25,000 Impressions, $750

40,000 Impressions, $1,000

**As tallied by Google Analytics**dot_clear.gif

Sponsors Also Get A Free Big Ad

Sponsors also receive a Big Ad (see above) free of charge. We build them with the text and graphics you provide, we embed your Facebook page to keep your Big Ad current with your ongoing posts, and place them on your City and Highway pages. Here are some examples:
Nevada Museum of Art, Reno
Renaissance Village, Ely
The Owl Club, Eureka
The Martin Hotel, Winnemucca
The Nevada State Railroad Museum, Carson City

Call with your questions: 775-847-0222