Lincoln County Correspondence – June 2019


Mountain Biking in Lincoln County

                                                                                                                                                            photo by Dave Washer

Mountain biking is becoming quite the individual or family recreational sport in Lincoln County.  That is due primarily to the new trails that have been and those still being constructed under the leadership of the International Mountain Bicycling Association.

Local biking enthusiast Christine Harrington said, “The mountain bike network in Caliente now consists of 22 miles of custom-built single track.”

                                                                                      photo by Eric King

She said, “Kershaw-Ryan State Park, as previously reported, recently completed construction of an exciting new flow trail, which is friendly to both beginning and more advanced riders.”

Mountain biking is not intended to be a race, although some such events probably do exist, but not yet in Lincoln County, if ever.  Even the Extreme 100 Park-to-Park ride, held on October 12 this year, is not a race.  Just a fun ride between some of the five state parks in Lincoln County, All five of them, if a person has a mind to, but that covers a little over 100 miles. Many folks chose the shorter distances and had equally as much fun.

Mountain biking can be very family oriented if so desired, and you can meet other people from other areas and share experiences, stories of other rides you may have been on, and maybe throw in a few tall tales here and there as well.

As noted, around the Caliente area are trails that are for the beginning rider, the intermediate, the more advanced, and one expert-only trail.  What a challenge that one must be!

Starting from the beautiful scenery of the Kershaw-Ryan Canyon parking area will get one the full advantages of the park’s nine-mile network.  Park Ranger Andrew Porter said in a previous article the park hopes to add several more miles of trails and trailhead area in the next 18 months.

The finished Barnes Canyon Trail system has 13.1 miles of single track, and that includes five-and-half miles for beginner and intermediate riders, one advanced downhill trail and one expert-only trail.

During the summer and fall, crews will work on an Ella Mountain trail and another connecting Barnes Canyon with Kershaw-Ryan State Park.  A trailhead at Barnes Canyon should be completed by spring 2020.

Harrington said, “Local workers are pitching in to help with trail construction and maintenance. We are actively seeking volunteers to come to designated work days this summer to help keep the trails in good shape.”

Riders from all around the nation have come to Lincoln County in the past couple of years and many have given our trails glowing reviews. Follow Lincoln County Mountain Bikers, plus the Facebook page dedicated to the local trail network for group ideas, volunteer work days and other upcoming events.

The next mountain biking event is the annual Beaver Dam Gravel Grinder, set for June 15 at Beaver Dam State Park.

For general information: lincolncountynv.comFor a direct link to their Mountain Bike Trails page, click HERE.

— Dave Maxwell