Sunday, May 26, 2024

NevadaGram #231 — Johnny Skae’s Fish Fry

Johnny Skae's Fish Fry by David Toll This glimpse of the good life on the Comstock, was derived from "My Memories of the Comstock: an eye witness account of The Richest Place on Earth" by Harry...

The Mind Reader

by Harry M.Gorham Due to the frenzy of speculation occasioned by the ore discovery in the Sierra Nevada, every stock quoted in the San Francisco exchange was quoted at ridiculous prices, and those who could...
Much patched Highway in Gold Hill Nevada

Comstock Mining Update — March 18, 2020

On March 3 2020, with its stock at 57 cents and falling following the 5-1 reverse split on November 25 2019, CMI issued a press release emphasizing that after ten years of unprofitably extracting...
Corrado De Gasperis

Will the Real Corrado De Gasperis Please Stand Up?

In September 2017 the Carson City TEDx committee chose Corrado De Gasperis as a speaker for an event at the Brewery Arts Center. When residents of Silver City expressed dismay and explained that their...
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