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Sutro’s Tunnel Vision

Sutro’s Tunnel Vision By David Moore In the early 1860s Adolph Sutro, a 30-year-old Prussian who ran a cigar business in San Francisco, joined the rush to Virginia City and the Comstock Lode. Like most of...
Nevada Supreme Court, Carson City

Comstock Mining Update – December 12, 2017

Supreme Court Rules for CRA vs. Lyon County and Comstock Mining Inc. Comstock Residents Association won a decision at the Nevada Supreme Court on December 11. One part of the complaint against Lyon County and...
CMI stock price skids to 14 cents

Comstock Mining Update – June 15, 2017

This Update was prompted by Comstock Mining Inc annual meeting held at the Gold Hill Hotel on June 1. Those of us who live on the Comstock know how rich our communities are in what...
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