South Lake Tahoe Correspondence – September 2017

                                                                Kayaking off Zephyr Point on Lake Tahoe’s Nevada shoreline.

It felt as if every person on the planet visited Lake Tahoe this summer.  People from all walks of life came to the South Shore in search of the great vacation and great times.  Much like waves crashing on the shores, the crowds kept coming and coming.  Temperatures in the lowlands were hitting triple digits, so to many the logical escape was Tahoe.  Local businesses welcomed them with open arms: after all, tourism is the life blood of the economy up here.  It was crowded, but the general vibe was very chill; people mixed well and the crazy season went off without a hitch.

It’s a glorious time to visit: it’s the secret summertime that has everything July has, but it’s a little more mellow.  Room rates drop at local hotels, there are no lines at restaurants, beaches become quiet, and there are still plenty of events to enjoy outdoors. One such event is the 8th Annual Sample the Sierra, September 16 at Bijou Community Park, 1201 Al Tahoe Blvd., South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150.  Sample the Sierra is Lake Tahoe’s largest farm-to-fork festival, and it’s back to celebrate all that Sierra Nevada region has to offer.  Locally crafted food, wine and brew.  The event, which goes from 12pm to 5pm, brings together local chefs and restaurants with neighboring growers/producers to turn out some scrumptious samples.  For more information and tickets, visit Sample the

                                                                               Swimming with the dogs at Kiva Beach

But if you would rather just sit back and enjoy a pleasant day at the beach, and perhaps your dog is also on vacation, go down to Kiva Beach, also in California, down off of Emerald Bay Road (Hwy. 89) in the Tallac Historic Area.  A beach among the pine trees creates a good place for both the sun worshiper and the shade seeker, and Fido can splash around in the water.

Another fun thing that keeps happening lately is the opening of new businesses.  One is Clyde’s Coffee Roasting Company, which opened their doors over the summer at 292 Kingsbury Grade, Stateline NV. 89449.  Coffee beans roasted on site that they turn into a nice hot cup of coffee or Clyde’s Cold Brew, both can challenge Starbucks with taste and perk.  The handmade pastries are a treat to the senses, as well. Clyde’s is family owned and pet friendly.

                          Table-top stove at Hot Pot Shabu Shabu at Stateline, Nevada

Then, just down the road is The Hot Pot Shabu Shabu at 177 Hwy 50 Suite 101, Stateline, NV 89449.  Just recently opened in late August, this new eatery is already catching on for a great place to get delicious Japanese soups that you create. Choose your ingredients, and make yourself a big bowl of soup.

After Labor Day weekend, a sense of calm will come over the locals.  The switch is flipped, and summer is suddenly over — not completely, but it slows way down.  The feeling of fall starts to combine with summer, and that is the beauty of September at Lake Tahoe; the warm days will remain, but you might want to start carrying a sweater because the chill nip of autumn can suddenly hit you.  The changing of the season that you can feel and even witness at Lake Tahoe is a very subtle and comforting way to ease into the cold that awaits us in winter, and it makes this area such a special place.

— Brendan Packe