Reno Correspondence – April 2016



If you are planning to travel to Reno in the month of April, you picked the right month! There are many exciting opportunities and events, including the Reno Ukulele festival, the Reno Earth Day celebration, and much more. April typically brings warmer weather, inviting a stroll downtown by the river. Our moody Northern Nevada weather could change at a moment’s notice, so bring a jacket just in case.

Reno Ukelele FestivalThe Reno Ukulele Festival, taking place April 14-17, calls out to ukulele players and music lovers alike. This festival is hosted by the Nugget Resort in Sparks, and discounted room rates are available. Several professional concerts will take place, as well as open-mic performances. Workshops will be held each day of the event, accommodating all skill levels, including beginners who are interested but have little-to-no experience with the ukulele. There will also be many interesting specialized workshops for the more advanced ukulele players. The event schedule, ticket purchasing, and more information can be found on the Reno Ukulele Festival website.

For a better idea of what the event will look like, go ahead and take a look at the this video.


If you will be in Reno on Sunday, April 24th, check out the Reno Earth Day celebration. At this celebration, we are able to learn about and share appreciation for our planet while getting to enjoy great entertainment, food, crafts, and many other activities.  There are over 300 exhibitors that collaborate to make the earth day celebration a fun and memorable experience for everyone. Workshops and many other interactive activities are available. The event takes place at Reno’s beautiful Idlewild Park, from 11 am until 6pm. More information can be found on the Reno Earth Day website.

For a more relaxed and independent activity, a stroll in the Riverwalk District in downtown Reno is a great idea. The last few winters have been lacking the heavy snowfalls in the surrounding mountain ranges, which unfortunately lead to low water levels in the spring. Fortunately, the 2015-2016 winter season has brought plenty of snow with it, so finally the Truckee River is flowing abundantly once again. Along with catching beautiful sights of the Truckee River, there are many art galleries, coffee shops and other small businesses along the Riverwalk District. For more information click here.

Little Nugget Awful Awful 3Amidst all of the fun to be had while visiting Reno, you will have to eat at some point! Whether you’re looking for a memorable experience or just something to gorge your mouth with at the end of a night out on the town, the Awful Awful burger is always a great option. This famous burger, found at the little Nugget Casino in downtown Reno, got its name because it is “awful big, and awful good”! It is a rather large classic double cheeseburger that is served on a giant mound of fries. I personally am not able to finish the whole thing on my own, but it sure is fun to try! There is nothing spectacular about the casino, it is just a small casino with somewhat rundown bathrooms and a small diner in the back. Yet it is all of this that makes it such a classic experience. This place offers the small town feel that puts the “little” in the “Biggest Little City in the World”. The Nugget in downtown Reno serves these burgers 24/7 which makes it the perfect nightcap before heading back to your hotel room. Or, hey, even breakfast if you’re into that!

Charlotte Meeks



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