Pahrump Correspondence – January 2019


People don’t die of starvation in Pahrump

One of the biggest complaints that most rural towns in Nevada have is the lack of places to eat out. That’s not Pahrump. Pahrump is one rural town that far outpaces all the small towns of Nevada when it comes to eating out. The restaurant business has exploded in this small town like cotton did some 78 years ago.

Pahrump has just about all the major fast food places that Las Vegas has, nearing 30 by my count. You can have your burger any way you want it in this town.

Mom’s Diner

If you want the best burger, don’t go fast food in Pahrump. There are three places that offer a top-notch burger in my opinion: Mom’s Diner, Terrible’s Road House and Lakeside RV Park and Casino. Mom’s Diner is the home of the Monstrosity Burger, which is up to a half pound of the juiciest burger you will find. When you go to Mom’s, you go not only for the burger but for the outstanding family atmosphere and service. The diner has been a staple in Pahrump for almost a decade.

If you choose Lakeside, the home of the Big Boy Burger, bring your big boy pants and plenty of napkins. You really won’t be able to put this one in your mouth.

But the eating doesn’t stop at hamburgers. You can have it your way with just about any cuisine in this town.

Big Dick’s Pizzeria — “Little Italy” pizza

For example, there are a huge variety of pizza places and Mexican restaurants to choose from. The best pizza joint in my book is Big Dick’s Pizzeria, with surely the largest pizza in town — a whopping 28 inches. You might also want to check out Big Dick’s Facebook page.

El Jefe’s

The top three places to eat Mexican food are El Jefe’s, Johnny’s Tacos and Rubalacaba’s. El Jefe’s is another Pahrump family owned restaurant that delivers top quality food and service.

My Thai

And then there are Asian food places. Pahrump has at least three Thai food places, a Hawaiian Barbecue place and a Japanese Sushi place. Hands down the best Thai food place is My Thai for quality of food.

My Thai is at the top because of the quality ingredients and great attention to detail. There is no oily food here. Just beware that this is a family owned restaurant and they have only one waiter. It takes some time to eat there, but people don’t leave unsatisfied.

The town even has a few barbecue restaurants, a couple of diners, three or four steakhouses, and  two wineries. The winery Symphony’s is the best steakhouse, and the best barbecue goes to Terrible’s Roadhouse.

If all  you can eat is more your style, Pahrump  has a few places that offer weekend buffets, but only two places with daily all-you-can-eat buffets — China Wok and Saddle West.

Now, when it comes to dining, you have a few choices to make when you come to Pahrump. Just remember to bring a pair of stretch pants.

— Vernon Hee