Pahrump Correspondence – April 2019


Pahrump: Gateway to Adventure

Few towns live up to their nicknames in America. A few examples: Los Angeles, “City of the Angels.” See any angels lately in LA? New Orleans, “The Big Easy.” When was it ever easy living there? Then there is New York, “The Big Apple.” When was the last time you picked an apple there?
All kidding aside, this makes Pahrump kind of special, for Pahrump does live up to its new nickname, “Gateway to Adventure.”  (It’s new, for at one time the town was known as the “Gateway to Death Valley.” )
The Spring Mountains on the west side of Pahrump Valley
Pahrump makes a good base camp of operations for any adventure. For starters, Pahrump has over 400 hotel rooms, with more coming by the end of the year. In addition to hotel space, there are numerous bed and breakfast places and over 1,800 RV places.
Once you have a place to stay, the next thing you need to start any adventure is food. The valley is full of restaurants that range from fast food all the way up to fine dining. And if you are roughing it, there are also three major grocery chains and over a handful of small markets to buy supplies from.
Pahrump, first and foremost, is the gateway to great off-roading. Head off in any direction to find either desert or mountains to explore — and there are hundreds of trails surrounding our valley.
Wild Horses in the desert near Pahrump

Explore the wilderness areas, like the Nopah Wilderness Area to the west of town, or head up into the hills or the Spring Mountains that surround the valley.

If you are more into historical sites, the Spring Mountain range has many historical sites to see. There are old springs, mines, and ancient petroglyphs. Mines like the Johnnie Mine, which is 15 miles northwest of the town.
After your long hard drive, pull up to a restaurant or your favorite watering hole to dust off and have a cold one. The Hub Bar and Grill caters to off-road types on the west side of town.
Joshua trees in the snow near the Spring Mountains

Maybe, after your hard ride or a long day in the desert, some fine wine is more appealing.  There are two well-known wineries waiting for your delicate palates.  The Pahrump Winery is known for its fine dining and wine tasting, while Sanders Winery is known for entertainment and craft shows.

What is a Nevada town without some sort of gambling? Cap off the night with some fun and music at one of Pahrump’s five major gambling casinos. Pahrump has the Saddlewest, the oldest casino in town, and then there is the Pahrump Nugget, a larger casino and more modern. Across the street from The Nugget is Gold Town. Lakeside Casino and Terribles Road House are more in the center of town.
Pahrump is also known for being part of the Old West. After all, it was founded by ranchers. Check out how the old cowboys lived at the Pahrump Museum. For those looking to explore the old Nevada, Pahrump is also near the Amargosa Valley.  In nearby Amargosa, there is the Longstreet Casino, a truly old fashioned casino.
The Amargosa River makes a rare appearance near Shoshone

The Amargosa Valley also has a river flowing through it that is as elusive as the ghosts that haunt nearby Death Valley. The Amargosa River starts in Beatty and flows through the Amargosa Valley only during heavy rains. The rest of the time it is underground, ending its run in Badwater.  A good place to see it is near Highway 127 near Shoshone.Further west, there are the sights and sizzling heat of Death Valley.

Once in Pahrump, the Old West unfolds. From great off-road adventures to the exciting nightlife of the casinos. It truly is something your whole family will enjoy exploring.
— Vernon Hee