Pahrump Correspondence – April 2018


Why Not Take that Golf Vacation in Pahrump?

                                                                          An idyllic scene at Mountain Falls Golf Course

Imagine getting out of your hotel room and leisurely driving down the road to play some golf in Pahrump. Out here, there is no traffic and maybe one major traffic light on your way. Your tee time is at 9 a.m., so you have time to get a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop or even eat breakfast at Mom’s Diner before you take in 18 challenging holes.

Well, you are in Pahrump Valley after all, and this is not Las Vegas, so these things are all possible to do.  For, you see, in our valley in the desert, things are slowed down a bit — even the golf. Some people call it Pahrump Time, and others … well, they are on their own clock.

Perhaps 10 years ago staying in Pahrump for golf during the time you wanted to would be difficult to do because of the lack of accommodations. Now though, things have changed.  Making a golf vacation complete in Pahrump is getting easier to do, thanks to more places in the valley to stay, with more on the horizon.

People  should stay in Pahrump to play golf because it’s convenient to do so and there is affordable lodging.

“It’s just convenient to do so now, and if I get tired of playing here I can go and play at Death Valley or drive into Las Vegas,” said Bill Johnson, a local Pahrump golfer who plays as much as he can.

Two golf courses right in the valley

                                                                                               Mountain Falls Golf Course

When coming to play golf in the Valley, one  has the choice of really golfing the best courses in Southern Nevada without expending too much effort. There are ample hotel spaces and RV parks and two great golf courses to choose from in this area: Mountain Falls Golf Course and Lake View Executive Golf Course.

The desert jewel of Pahrump Valley golf is Mountain Falls, a par 72 course with 18 holes on challenging greens. The course has a majestic view of Mount Charleston and the surrounding Spring Mountains, located just six miles to south of the center of town. It sports a clubhouse and bar, a pro-shop and one of the best cafes in town, The Grill Room.

This golf course offers packages of all sorts to meet your needs, and there are ample golf carts available for those who prefer to ride.

The local seniors also love Lake View Executive Golf Course in the center of town because it is a shorter course.

The small, 18-hole par 3 and 4  course is ideal for those who want to get exercise but can no longer walk the longer fairways. It also has a great views of the surrounding Spring Mountains.

                                                    The eponymous lake at Lake View Executive Golf Course in Pahrump

Check out the weather

When you think of playing golf in Pahrump, there are really nine months of great golf weather! Fall, winter and spring have more than enough months to book a vacation for great weather.

The winter months are the coolest, with average temps in the 40s during the cooler months, which usually warm up to the 50s. Compare that to the Midwest and that is beach weather for people in Ohio. Spring temperatures warm up to the 60s and 70s sprinkled with a few 80s in there, and in the fall the temps are falling from the 90s to the low 80s.

Golfing can be done in the summer too, one just has to book an early morning tee time before the day starts heating up around 10 11 a.m.

                                                                       Another view of the Lake View Executive course

Places to stay in Pahrump

Pahrump currently has four hotels: the Pahrump Nugget Hotel and Casino, Holiday Inn Express, Best Western Pahrump Oasis, and Saddle West Hotel and Casino.

And the RV parks are bountiful too: Lakeside Casino and RV Park, Preferred RV, Nevada Treasure RV Park, and Pahrump Station RV Park.

More courses to play

For the serious golfer, consider golfing and staying in Pahrump and then sampling the courses in the surrounding area. The reason to stay in Pahrump is obvious: the hotels and RV parks tend to be cheaper than the surrounding areas. One can easily golf a few days in Pahrump and then travel to Las Vegas, which is only an hour a way by car.

Don’t forget Death Valley

Then there is Furnace Creek, which is also an hour by car in Death Valley. The Furnace Creek course, at 214 feet below sea level, is the world’s lowest course.

Bill Johnson loves Furnace Creek . “It’s challenging, and it’s close by to Pahrump,” he said. “It’s one of my favorite courses to golf in the cooler months.”

The stunning 18-hole course is in the middle of the hottest place on Earth. The course is a par 70 course. Another reason to try out this great course is because the Furnace Creek Inn just got a new facelift.

More lodging coming to the valley

The Pahrump Valley is growing again, and with it comes new accommodations planned for the near future. Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch  has already broken ground for the Silverton Hotel and Casino. Along with these new accommodations, there will also be a new entertainment district, which will bring a new movie theater and shops, adding yet another reason to book a future vacation in Pahrump Valley.

— Vernon Hee