Baker Correspondence – November 2019


Border Inn Rocks

Most of the eating establishments in Baker have closed for the winter, since the number of visitors has really gone down. However, the Border Inn, located on Highway 6/50 right on the state line, is open year round. It is a key part of the community, providing many social events. On November 1, they are hosting a dance with music by a new band, Acoustic Echo. There will also be a Halloween costume contest.

On November 30, The Border Inn hosts the annual craft fair. Come, get your Christmas presents and support Small Business Saturday. This event was especially big last year, with vendors selling beautiful woodwork, handmade crafts, jewelry, games, baked goods, and so much more.

Cave Rescue Class

Eastern Nevada has the highest concentration of caves in the entire state, so it only makes sense to hold a cave rescue class in this area! An Orientation to Cave Rescue class, taught by instructors from the National Cave Rescue Commission, will be offered November 16-17. No prior knowledge is necessary to take this class, which covers how to find a lost caver, how to do medical treatment underground, specialized litters, how to communicate when radios and phones don’t have any signal, and how to find your way around without a GPS. A full day mock rescue is also included, plus the opportunity to meet cavers and first responders from all over Nevada, Utah, California, and Idaho.

Turkey Shoot

The annual turkey shoot is held on November 23 south of Baker across from the cemetery. This annual fundraiser is for the local volunteer fire depart and emergency medical services. Categories include pistol and rifle, both scoped and open sights, at various distances; skeet, and archery. Youth and adults welcome. Prizes are frozen turkeys — just in time for Thanksgiving!

Park News

The Lehman Caves Visitor Center in Great Basin National Park is closed until late February for renovation and the installation of new exhibits. The Great Basin Visitor Center, which is usually closed in the winter, is open instead. Lehman Caves is still open for cave tours, although the number of tours is greatly reduced in the winter. Weekday tours are at 1 pm, and weekend tours are at 9 am and 1 pm.

Where to Hike?

If you’re not deterred by the cooler weather to go out for a hike, there are some great places to go. The trail between Lower Lehman and Upper Lehman Campgrounds is overlooked by most, so it’s a great way to get off the beaten path. You can enjoy Lehman Creek in a section with beautiful ponderosa pine trees. Ponderosas are relatively rare in the park, but this is an easy place to enjoy them. Don’t forget to smell the bark!

— Gretchen Baker


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