Trip Report #17 – Jean, Lake Mead and The Giant Nail

Toward sundown with wooly worms at Pyramid Lake.
Toward sundown with wooly worms at Pyramid Lake.

Fishing is hot at Pyramid Lake right now. Go to the south end of the nets (near Sutcliffe), or the area around the Block House at the south end of the lake, or the very south end of the lake below Popcorn Rock. You’ll need a sinking line, 10 ft 8 w rod, shooting head, or teeny type 4 line. Woolly worms or foam beetles. You can tie the beetle on behind the woolly worm.


In your newsletter of November 2001, you mention a man named Johnny Quick, who claims to have been a member of Bill Haley and the Comets. I should point out that extensive research — including interviews with members of the Comets and Haley’s family, plus overwhelming recording session research done by others — have failed to uncover any evidence that a Johnny Quick was ever a member of the Comets. He certainly was not in any way involved with the recording of Rock Around the Clock. The drummer on that record died in 1995.

Clearly Mr. Quick qualifies as a “local character,” but his claims should be taken with a grain of salt.

For more information, I direct you to my Bill Haley’s Who’s Who.


Alex Frazer-Harrison
A proud member of Bill Haley Central

A friend in Elko writes: I liked the MaryJane page in the last Travelgram. I too have seen the two-headed calf at the Jiggs bar. Just don’t ask to see the picture of it being born — it is gross.

More Jiggs? read Howard Hickson’s informative article. And if you haven’t had enough of Jiggs yet, here’s a murder story: Andy & the Snake.

Jim Seagrave at The Stardust in Las Vegas writes: “Thank you for spreading the fame of ‘Eggs’ Rothschild in Travelgram #17. As you suspected, he’s one of the original Stardust owners, along with the infamous ‘Chicken’ Cacciatore and the sinister ‘Clams’ Marinara.”

What They’re Saying About Us

The S.F. Chronicle goes Exploring in the Ruby Mountains

Want to own a historic hotel in Central Nevada? The Mizpah Hotel in downtown Tonopah, built in 1907-08 at the height of the silver excitement and restored to jewel-box brilliance in the middle 1970s, is for sale. The property consists of 6 buildings on 5 parcels with a total area of 1.387 acres. Approximately half of the property area is parking.

Who will buy the Mizpah?
Who will buy the Mizpah?

In 1976, when the Mizpah was nearly 70 years old and in need of renovation, Las Vegas contractor Frank Scott purchased the hotel, gutted it to bare walls, and completely rebuilt it in the original turn-of-the-century style, bringing it up to and beyond all building codes, including earthquake bracing, fire alarm and sprinkler system.

A mining boom disrupted Scott’s plans to make the Mizpah a high-roller getaway as it filled with unromantic mining engineers and heavy equipment salesmen soiling the carpets with their muddy boots, and he sold it in 1980. When the boom ended a few years later, the Mizpah went rapidly downhill. It closed in 1998, re-opened briefly, then closed for good in 2000.

The National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association Western Regional Finals will be held in Elko May 15, 16 and 17, at the Elko County Fairgrounds.
The National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association Western Regional Finals will be held in Elko May 15, 16 and 17, at the Elko County Fairgrounds.

The hotel occupies the second through fifth floors with 41 guest rooms, 4 parlor rooms and two meeting rooms with a maid’s closet and spacious elevator lobby on each floor. The passenger elevator runs from the basement to the top floor and was overhauled in the mid-1990’s. The car is the original 1907 Otis, upgraded to meet all safety standards.

The Mizpah is priced at $1,500,000, but you should probably bring another couple of million along with you. Write for details or call Trish Rippie Realty, 775-482-3052.

E-Mail of the Month

This is one of the most user-friendly web sites I have ever used . . . making a hotel reservation is a breeze. Thanks so much.

To get your free copy of the 2003 Elko Visitors Guide, call 775-738-4091, E-Mail or stop by the Convention Center 8 am – 5 pm, M-F. The Guide contains photographs, maps, a Calendar of Events, lodging, dining, gaming and entertainment information, descriptions of Elko’s visitor attractions and full- and half-day driving tours. It’s a great way to begin a love affair with Nevada’s great outdoors.

Overheard at The Rendezvous Bar in Harrah’s Lake Tahoe: “All flattery is insidious, but self-flattery is suicidal.”


David W. Toll



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