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Will the Real Corrado De Gasperis Please Stand Up?

In September 2017 the Carson City TEDx committee chose Corrado De Gasperis as a speaker for an event at the Brewery Arts Center. When residents of Silver City expressed dismay and explained that their...
Nevada Supreme Court, Carson City

Comstock Mining Update – November 1, 2017

Bulletin! In his 3rd Quarter conference call, in addition to the usual quarterly loss, Corrado De Gasperis announced a 5 to 1 reverse stock split, to be effective November 10th. This is good news for...
Paleontologists digging for ichthyosaurs in the Augusta Mountains, Pershing County Nevada

NevadaGram #190 – Ichthyosaur Digs, Rural RoundUp in Elko, Nevada Calendar

Rural RoundUp 2017 This year's Cow Counties Tourism Pro-Am convened in Elko. Story below. More than 500 fans of a Reno-brewed IPA, and of its namesake — a giant prehistoric ocean-dwelling reptile — attended a fundraiser at...
Underground portal at the Lucerne Pit, Gold Hill Nevada

Comstock Mining Update — May 24, 2016

Having completed the unprofitable five year fiasco of the Lucerne Pit — with the Grand Finale of collapsing Highway 342 into it — Comstock Mining Inc. (or is it LLC?) laid off most of its employees...

Comstock Mining Update — October 26, 2015

While most attention has been paid recently to the ongoing destruction of the Virginia City National Historic Landmark, another historic Comstock landmark has been severely damaged as well. Having failed to obtain a gaming license,...
Storey County Commissioners acting stern at the collapse of Highway 342

Comstock Mining Update March 16, 2015

Highway 342 through lower Gold Hill (Main Street) was closed to all vehicle traffic on February 27 when the famously fragile Silver Hill mineshaft subsided once again beneath the pavement adjacent to the Lucerne...
CMI (ticker : LODE) 10k

Comstock Mining Update – April 2, 2014

Before <a title="2013 SEC Year-End Re is completely inaccurate and will be corrected by the company. In addition the NDEP-BAPC has not issued its final determination." — Francisco Vega, NDEP Supervisor, Compliance & Enforcement,...

NevadaGram #154 – Rural Round Up in Ely, Comstock Mining Update, Burning Man Art...

By mid-afternoon on the last day in April, a bus coming from Reno, another one from Las Vegas and a slew of passenger cars coming from every which way had all accomplished the voyage...

NevadaGram #111 – Stayed Home – Working to help prevent pit mining on the...

Corrado De Gasperis, CEO of Comstock Mining Inc. appeared at a meeting of the Silver City Town Advisory Board. He announced that his company had acquired some 6,000 acres of mining claims on and...
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