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Paleontologists digging for ichthyosaurs in the Augusta Mountains, Pershing County Nevada

NevadaGram #190 – Ichthyosaur Digs, Rural RoundUp in Elko, Nevada Calendar

Rural RoundUp 2017 This year's Cow Counties Tourism Pro-Am convened in Elko. Story below. More than 500 fans of a Reno-brewed IPA, and of its namesake — a giant prehistoric ocean-dwelling reptile — attended a fundraiser at...

NevadaGram #132 – August 2012 Pit Mining the Comstock and A Visit with...

What They're saying About Us The New York Times goes crayfishing at Lake Tahoe. Sign Up for our NevadaGram here. The Affectionate and Intimately Detailed Guide to the Most Interesting State in America is available at...
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