Reno Correspondence – May 2016



Whether you are a dedicated metal-head, or just an open mind seeking new forms of entertainment, Reno’s local metal scene is something you’ll definitely want to check out while you’re in town. In my personal opinion, the most rockin’ metal show of the month will be We Predict a Riot with Decades In, Contortion, and The Lives We Live. The show will be put on outside of Remedy’s in Carson City (20 minutes South of Reno) on Saturday, May 14th.

Decades In
                                                                  Decades In

The metal/hardcore band formerly known as Dennis is Dead will be making their debut as “Decades In” during Saturday’s show. The band, based out of the bay area, is composed of four dedicated and unique individuals who came together through their passion for metal music. Some of it’s members have actually been playing music together since 2003, when they were only in 7th grade! Since then, they have released 2 EPs as Dennis is Dead, and dedicated several years to touring and sharing their talent with fans all across the West Coast. Come be a part of the action and support these guys, as they kick off their greatest venture yet, Decades In. More information can be found on their Facebook page, or check out their Youtube channel.

Sushi RoseReno has a bunch of all-you-can-eat sushi joints. I recently met up with some friends at Sushi Rose, a somewhat new restaurant located in North-West Reno. The sushi was absolutely delicious, and appetizers and dessert were included. What blew my mind though, is that the beer and Saki was free (Mon-Thurs)! That’s right, free beer! Now that is a rare treasure that definitely makes this restaurant stand out from the rest! All of this was under 25 dollars per person. To top it off, the service was great! Our server was very hardworking, fast and friendly. So the bottom line is if you want to enjoy all you can eat sushi served in a friendly environment during your stay here in Reno, and like free beer, go to Sushi Rose.


The pedestrian walkway on the west side of the new Virginia Street Bridge incorporates the railings from the old 1905 bridge.
The pedestrian walkway on the west side of the new Virginia Street Bridge   incorporates the railings from the old 1905 bridge.

If you haven’t been Downtown lately, you should go check out the new Virginia Street Bridge. After waiting for nearly a year, residents and local businesses are thrilled that the bridge has finally been opened. A lot of people were disappointed about the removal of the old bridge, due to its historical value; however, for public safety and flood protection purposes, the bridge needed to be replaced. Fortunately, they were able to transfer the railings and lights from the old bridge over to the new one, allowing for a piece of history to remain a part of the newer, safer bridge. This allows for quick and easy access to the many awesome local businesses downtown. The bridge also has a path down to the Truckee River, which is beautiful and full of water due to the recent snow-melt.


The weekend of May 20th — 22nd hosts the Hot August Nights “Spring Fever Revival” event. This means downtown Reno will be poppin’! There will be lots of show cars, food vendors, and rock-n-roll! This event is a precursor to the big Hot August Nights event that takes place in August. Part of this event will be a Celebrity Choice Show-n-Shine. There is an opportunity for the winner to have their car pictured on the official 2016 Hot August Nights 30th anniversary poster. Also, the top 10 winners will have the opportunity to show-off their cars at the Reno Aces Stadium during the baseball game on Sunday May 22nd.

Speaking of the Reno Aces, the Reno baseball team has a handful of games this month that will take place here at the Greater Nevada Stadium. So make sure to take your loved ones “out to the ball game” while you are in town.

— Charlotte Meeks



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