NevadaGram #6 – Yerington and Winnemucca Dining, The Rainbow Turns 7 and Nevada Goes for the Gold


John Sanderson writes from Yerington to enthuse about Joe Dini’s Lucky Club on Main Street as one of the finer dinner houses in rural Nevada:

Giuseppe's, Main Street, Yerington
Giuseppe’s, Main Street, Yerington

Giuseppe’s is open Friday and Saturday nights and it’s the pride of the Dini family. George, the proprietor, greets guests personally and the atmosphere is elegant, comfortable and private. The staff is well trained and courteous. The menu offers steaks, seafood, and pasta, and dinners include antipasti, soup or salad, warm sourdough bread and choices of desserts. The last time I ate there I had a chicken breast crusted with ham, tomatoes, pine nuts and cheese on pasta. It was delicious!. They have an excellent wine list and prices are rural Nevada reasonable.


Additional Olympic Steam photos
Additional Olympic Steam photos
The Nevada Olympic Team: Shar Peterson, Rogene Hill, Season Berg, Sheree Tibbals, Nancy Johnson and Dave Roden
The Nevada Olympic Team: Shar Peterson, Rogene Hill, Season Berg, Sheree Tibbals, Nancy Johnson and Dave Roden

For 18 days in February antique steam locomotives from the Nevada Northern Railway in Ely and the Heber Valley Railroad in Utah chuffed and puffed and clanked and rattled as they combined to carry over 6,000 passengers to the Olympic Winter games — more that 1,500 miles — by steam train. Old No. 93 and the two coaches are making the journey back to Ely aboard heavy haul trucks, and will resume their scheduled excursions May 18 through September 15.

Dave Layton goes for the Gold in the Nevada booth
Dave Layton goes for the Gold in the Nevada booth

Old Number 93 wasn’t the only Nevada presence at the 2002 Winter Games. A team of volunteers from Wendover, Elko, Winnemucca and Battle Mountain combined with a bucking bull-riding competition to invite Olympics visitors to visit northeastern Nevada on their way home.

“For lunch, try the popular China Chef on north Main Street. Large portions, numerous choices, and very reasonable prices. Lunches include soup, rice or noodles, entree, tea and fortune cookie. And, if you’re staying over, the best lodging is the Casino West Motel, right downtown.”

And thanks to the Henley family for sending

this culinary update on Winnemucca: “We were coming back from a trip to Elko on 2/16/02 and as usual it was about dinner time. I guess that in the last 20 years that we have had dinner at all of your fine restaurants. We have always been partial to Italian food. To our great surprise we saw one. I believe it was a Mexican restaurant the last time we came through Winnemucca. It is called San Fermin, across from The Griddle, where we usually have breakfast.

“We were so suprised that to our delight the food and service was as good as if we were in the bay area. The real surprise was that they had been open only 2 days!

“I know that we will definitely give them another try the next trip through.

“As we left we met the young couple that own the restaurant, Dawneen and Randy, if memory serves me. What a charming couple.

One question, what is the updated population in Winnemucca now? All the people we asked gave us varied answers.

According to the Nevada State Demographer, Winnemucca might have, oh, say in the neighborhood of around maybe 8,884 residents more or less. Or something like it.

Overheard at the Red Dog Saloon, Virginia City: “I’d rather be black than gay, because when you’re black you don’t have to tell your mom.”

As you see, we welcome your brief review or recommendations of the hidden treasures you’ve discovered and liked around Nevada. Brevity is amiably enforced.

David W. Toll



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