NevadaGram #139 – March 2013 Sourdough Slim and Squaw Tom Sanders


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The New York Times goes winter kayaking on Lake Tahoe.
The New York Times goes winter kayaking on Lake Tahoe.

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This month’s Trip Report is a departure from the familiar format. It is shorter on the page itself with less text, fewer photos — but in terms of content, it’s a full serving. First, this documentary about Sourdough Slim, the droll rope-spinning, accordion-playing, yodeling buckaroo who first came to fame at the Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko and now performs all over the west. It’s fascinating and fun, and so is he. . . .

Squaw Tom Sanders
Squaw Tom Sanders

When Tom Sanders ran away from home at 13, he was taken in by an Indian couple and for most of the rest of his life he lived among the Indian people of Nevada.
This is one of the recordings Tom made for The Gold Hill NEWS. He would sometimes stop by with a handful of new stories on cassettes, other times he would take a chair out behind World Headquarters and tell a story into the recorder.
Ideally you are seated in a comfortable chair with a refreshment at hand, mind prepared to cast the modern moment aside and drift into a different world as you punch the Play button and Tom tells the story he called “Pullin’ Teeth”:

And now a word from Shorty the Wonder Dog: Woof!

Overheard at La Ferme in Genoa: “But Lois, haven’t you sometimes awakened from a troubled dream and felt hugely relieved as you realized it was only a dream? I wonder if that’s what it’s like the moment after death.”

Happy Highways,

David W. Toll




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