Carson Valley Correspondence – July 2019


Tuesday Evenings in Minden can typically be pretty quiet during the year; however, as summer rolls into action Tuesdays come alive in Downtown Minden with our local farmers market, plenty of foodie options and a choice beverage or two, with live music in the streets.

I am not typically a farmers market kind of guy — convenience is definitely a priority in my shopping habits — but a few weeks back I had the opportunity to meet a business colleague for a drink at the recently reopened Khristopher’s Ristorante & Bar, located across from the CVIC hall, and discovered the farmers market was just getting started for the summer.

Khristofer’s Ristorante & Bar serves excellent Italian food

I am not sure how farmers markets look and feel from town to town across America, but I found this cozy little venue a great local vibe that I have now visited weekly to pick up a few new favorites and to enjoy a little live music and local culture. My personal favorites, pickle chips, fresh berry pies and savory crepes being made right in front of me on the street.

The variety of vendors seems to change just a bit each week, but grabbing a beer at Khristopher’s and then heading outside for a fresh crepe and some music is quickly becoming a summer favorite of mine. The fresh produce and berries seem to be a hit with many of the visitors around me. The live music will entertain you as you enjoy a stroll down Esmeralda Avenue.

Might I suggest that Tuesdays would be a great summer visit for travelers or locals looking for a nice evening on the town.  Khristopher’s has a delightful evening menu and bar, plus some outside seating if you want to enjoy dinner and the live music at the farmers market.  Of course the Corner Bar is a locals favorite, as well just down the street, and Franscico’s Mexican food at the corner is always a good choice. If you are a gamer, the C.O.D Casino is open for your enjoyment as well.

— Charlie Pankey