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    Delivering a million pages to Nevada travelers each year!


    For $360 a year local businesses and organizations around Nevada extend the reach of their Facebook posts to people making their Nevada travel plans and arrangements online.

    We put your ad, derived from your current Facebook post, on the appropriate high-traffic pages where visitors seeking local information can find you as they plan their travels.
    We continually develop new content for our website promoting all of Nevada’s rural attractions (we promote urban attractions too). Correspondents send dispatches from communities around the state.

    Our mobile-friendly website provides the best exposure to visitors traveling to and through Nevada, while they are planning their trips and even while they’re on the road, all for less than a dollar a day.

    Locals visit our City and Highway pages too, but they’re specifically designed to give out-of-towners a better understanding of what awaits them in your town.
    Shouldn’t that include you? For less than a dollar a day it can.
    Visitors come to our site for local travel information. Your $360/year ad puts your business right where they’re looking — and over the last two years they took more than two million looks at our pages.

    These ads are derived from your Facebook posts, so they involve no extra effort on your part. The information is as current as you care to keep it, and nothing is lost in translation, because there isn’t any. What you post on Facebook is what shows up on our page, and each time you update with a new post your ad moves to the top of the stack on our page. When visitors click your ad, they go to your Facebook page.

    Multiple ad placements? Discounts available.
    Sponsorships available: nevadatravel.net/adrates/advertising.html
    Questions? Call David at 775-847-0222

    Our visitors come to us for

    Nevada Travel Information

    And We Deliver!


    Page views: 1,034,988

    Visitors:          545,714


    Page views: 1,021,415

    Visitors:          641,261

    Our Average Day
    Over the past two years we delivered a daily average of 2,817 pages to 1,626 visitors. 

    Our Big Day
    On March 3, 2016, we delivered 6,894 pages to 4,489 visitors

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