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Dirt Road to the Leviathan Mine and River Ranch

by Gage T. Smith, "The Picon Guy" Lately I have been rediscovering the area around my home. In September, a few friends and I decided that we would take the rocky, bumpy road from US 395...
Jeanne Dini Cultural Center, Yerington Nevada

NevadaGram #170 – Smith Valley and Yerington, Nevada Correspondence

A while back I recounted our drive along the Bodie Road in far western Nevada, and our homeward journey via Smith Valley and Yerington. Shortly after that NevadaGram was dispatched I was chided by...

NevadaGram #41 – Hawthorne to Wellington, 3 FAQ, Skiing around Elko and New Year’s...

Before the big snows fell I took a pleasant trip which I'll recommend to anyone who enjoys rambling along the dirt roads of western Nevada. But first, why are some people "creeped out" by Hawthorne,...
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