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Yank Van Duzen, Hero

Yank Van Duzen, Hero

by Harry Gorham To return To the subject of ventilation — those men in Gould and Curry could not escape to a shaft a thousand feet deep or a tunnel 1500 feet long because the...
Harry Motson Gorham

NevadaGram #224 – The Mind Reader

by Harry M.Gorham Due to the frenzy of speculation occasioned by the ore discovery in the Sierra Nevada, every stock quoted in the San Francisco exchange was quoted at ridiculous prices, and those who could...

A Visit to Aurora, June 1946

by David W. Toll On a sunny summer day in 1946 I walked with my great-grandfather Harry Gorham down Pine Street in Aurora, looking then as you see it in this painting by Jeff Nicholson,...
Aurora Painting, Jeff Nicholson

NevadaGram #60 – A Visit to Aurora, “Nevada’s Ghost City of the Dawn” and...

What They're saying About Us The LA Times Discovers Pyramid Lake. Sign Up for our NevadaGram here. You can buy your book orders online for Personal copies and gifts or for Resale. Last time's piece on Ghost Towns...
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