Mineral County Correspondence – January 2017


Calling All Road Warriors

If you fit the description of a true road warrior today, you may be living along the highways in the comfort of your roomy RV while traveling the countryside. If you fall into this adventurous living category, you may consider a 450-mile trip from Las Vegas to Reno, Nevada to be an overwhelmingly long drive and thus be searching for a comfortable stopping point along Highway 95 which can provide beauty, exploration and safety as well.  Well, Hawthorne’s Whiskey Flats RV Park is your solution to an easy “Good Sam” camping spot, surrounded by convenience, choices and comfort. Call ahead for any information at (775) 945-1800, or visit online at whiskeyflats.net.

With an easy check-in by their helpful staff, you’ll find all forty-six drive through spaces located with wondrous views of Mount Grant, offering a picture-perfect environment. The clean laundromat, basic camping store and access to propane and Wifi and Cable TV will make your stay even more comfortable. You can sample local shopping and eateries nearby,  with the local El Capitain Casino providing evening entertainment, but it is the day jaunts that benefit amateur and professional photographers alike.

A quick 15 minutes north provides varying views of the historic ice-age lake known as Walker Lake. An estimated 7,500 pictures of Walker Lake are taken annually from the turnoff points, due to the unusual reflections, changing colors and the stately setting of the surrounding mountain ranges. There are also Wild Mustang herds found grazing in the area at the south end of the lake and Big Horn Sheep herds which come down from the western mountains of the Wassuk Range. Locals living in this hamlet of homes generally know where they can be found and the best time of day to locate a herd.

At the County Beach along Highway 95, there is a Walker Lake Monument, custom-made in local stone with a Geocache and informational guide. This is updated by the Walker Lake Crusaders with pertinent news and guidelines as to the current restoration of the lake’s process. Unusual rock formations line the beaches, as well as mini shells left from the millions of brine shrimp in the water. Black coots bob around in groupings during the winter months, appearing from afar as large ink spots along the water’s edge. Other dry camping facilities line the north end of the lake, but use caution in attempting to drive directly to the water’s edge, as many vehicles get stuck in the sand without 4-wheel drive. It is best to park safely and walk to the lake’s beach areas.

The majestic Mount Grant fills up with snow during the winter season to produce a spectacular photographic postcard scene, but there are still mining trails available, off-road rock hunting and other wildlife viewing opportunities within the region to enjoy.

Whiskey Flats provides many ideas and informational guides for your enjoyment. Local museums and unusual displays are also common places to visit for photo-ops as you build your trip log. Don’t let the winter season keep you away, because snow doesn’t remain long, and it would be a rarity to ever need tire chains. Bundle up, and come enjoy our beautiful area!

— Sheri Samson