Ely Correspondence – January 2016



Cave Lake Ice Fishing DerbyIce-Fishing-Derby-2015

Saturday, January 30, 2016
8 a.m. — 3 p.m.
Cave Lake State Park
Top Tagged Fish – $5,000
dlderbidge@gmail.com or 775-289-4689

Before the event, 15-25 tagged fish will be released. If you catch a tagged fish you must immediately notify a contest official, Do Not Remove the Tag.
All eligible tagged fish numbers will be placed in a hat and one number will be drawn as the winner of the $5,000 Grand Prize. All other eligible tagged fish are worth $100 each.
Prior to the drawing for the Grand Prize, a drawing will be held for two separate cash prizes. In order to be eligible you must be a paid entrant and be present at the drawing.
After the drawing for the Grand Prize, a drawing will be held for an extra bonus prize for eligible persons who purchased an extra bonus entry and caught a tagged fish. You must be present to win.
Entry Fees:
Early Entry: $45.00 per person. (including children)
After January 15: $55.00 per person
For more information: click HERE. Or email elyrotary@gmail.com. Or call Dale Derbidge at (775) 289-4689
Cave Lake is located eight miles south of Ely on U.S. 93, turning onto Success Summit Road (State route 486) and continuing east for seven miles.

Cave Lake Snow and Ice Sculpture Competition

January 15 through 17, 2016
Cave Lake State Park is the location for the Snow and Ice Sculpture Competition that takes place each January.

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil -- 2014's winning entry
             Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil — 2014’s winning entry

Contestants have two days to build their entries for the judging that takes place Sunday afternoon.
Lack of scow prevented the 2015 event, but the 2014 White Pine Fire and Ice Festival was wonderful and 2016 promises to be great. In addition to the ice sculptures, also enjoy food, ice bowling, golf, sledding, skating, and ice fishing both Saturday and Sunday. The fireworks over the lake on Sunday evening top off a great day in the high mountain desert area of eastern Nevada.
All sculptures must be completed by 3 p.m. on Sunday with the winners announced that evening at 6 p.m. right before the fireworks show. The first prize winner will receive a grand prize of $1,000. Second place will receive $500 and third place $250.
For more information click HERE or call 775-289-3720.

Lorraine Clark