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Nevada State Capitol, Carson City

NevadaGram #172 – Carson City at Christmastime

Carson City is a real city now. No, really. There are lots of ways to measure this, but in my mind the true mark of a city is whether or not you can do all...
Sheep crossing a highway near Baker

Baker – Correspondence – November 2015

Baker Although November sees fewer humans in and around Baker, it’s the time of year when thousands of sheep return to the valley. Snake Valley, the long valley that contains Baker and several other small...
Edmonton Eskimos, 1910

NevadaGram #171 – Wheezer Dell

A while back I posted a NevadaGram about Wheezer Dell, the first Nevada-born child — Tuscarora, June 11, 1886 — to grow up to play major league baseball, first for St. Louis in 1912...
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