Railfanning Correspondence – March 2016



Nevada Northern Railway Winter Steam Photo Spectacular Gallery

Back in January, we told you about the Winter Steam Photo Spectacular, hosted in Ely, Nevada, by the Nevada Northern Railway.  We invited you to attend and we told you we would be there.  We also said that we would be sharing our photographs from the event in our March dispatch.

March is here, and so are the pictures.  We hope you will enjoy these photos and the glimpse they provide of Nevada’s railway heritage.  The Nevada Northern claims that they offer time travel, an opportunity to go back in time about 100 years.  After viewing these pictures, you might be inclined to agree with them, we certainly do.

This year’s Winter Steam Photo Spectacular was blessed with a very nice blanket of snow.  Around 30 inches of snow fell on Ely about 10 days before the event, and most of it was still there when the event kicked off on Feb. 12.  It was the most snow on hand for the event in recent years; thank you, El Nino.

When we first told you about the Winter Steam Photo Spectacular, we described it as the premier annual railfan event in Nevada.  After participating in this year’s edition of the event, we think we were right on target with that claim.  It was two and a half days of smoke, steam, snow, and vintage locomotives pulling equally venerable rolling stock over rail lines that were laid 110 years ago.  The event was well planned and it was choreographed with an eye toward producing the best photos and video possible.  With that thought in mind, let’s move on to the pictures.

John Gaffney


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