Mineral County Correspondence – July 2017


A Year-Round Blast

In the summer month of July, families gather with outdoor water sports, picnics and fireworks on their mind. Kids anticipate July 4th with an evening of booms, then bursts of color in the night sky that slowly spray down embers, like sparkling waterfalls.  But in Mineral County, the Paiute Indian tribal members concentrate on selling dazzling fireworks in an all-year supply.

                                                                        Inside Four Seasons Fireworks in Schurz, Nevada

Just north of Hawthorne and Walker Lake along highway 95,  the town of Schurz stands as a “fireworks oasis,” as many travelers plan annual stops to load up on the top-named pyro wonders.From sparklers to Japanese sky lanterns famous for party entertainment, to larger, spectacular town-park displays, there are offerings at all price ranges and in all types of packaging from the Schurz vendors.

The Four Season’s Smoke Shop, Store and Gas Stop (see photos above) located about half a mile south the Alternate 95 turn-off toward Yerington, has a separate building which can be opened to passersby all year for their fireworks purchases. This facility is open seven days a week, is tribally owned, and sales go to benefit the local tribe. Jewelry and handmade Indian gift items are also offered in the store, making this an enjoyable stop.

Staying in Schurz on highway 95 toward Fallon, at the railroad tracks, is the Bad Jack’s Fireworks Store, independently owned and operated by Trevor and Nicole Varain, year-round. This is a friendly family-run store, with specially boxed packages and other various items at the counter area.

               Trevor and Nicole Varain and their girls in Bad Jack’s Fireworks Store

In celebrating their fifth year in business, the Varain’s enjoy meeting tourists and personally assisting them with purchases.  They admitted being in the business of selling “ooo’s and ahhh’s,” with a 4.9 customer review for online orders. Walk-in customers stay up to an hour while browsing and asking questions about their selections. The Varains invite everyone to visit them on their Facebook page to stay aware of their yearly events as a fireworks retailer and supply store.

Through the end of June till July 4th, there are other seasonally opened firework stands along the main highway, such as Rock Chuck’s ThunderCloud, RezBoomz and The Wood Stop.

You can’t go wrong with the fireworks choices at these Schurz businesses, as each is ready to provide you with your Independence Day explosions or to offer future nighttime blooms as entertainment for weddings, parties and just fun.  Stock up now or visit the year-round stores anytime.

— Sheri Samson