Mesquite Correspondence – August 2016



Mesquite Celebrates a “Double Rainbow” at New Exit 118

Mesquite celebrated the official opening of its third I-15 freeway interchange on July 21. It was a sizzling hot day, but a crowd of over 100 exuberant citizens turned out. There were high-fives all around for everyone who worked hard to accomplish this significant project for the City. Cheers welcomed the first big-rigs that rolled across the beautiful overpass built in a unique two-arch style. The opening of Exit 118 and completion of Lower Flat Top Mesa Drive are, indeed, a “double rainbow” for Mesquite’s future.

exit 118 Mesquite 03Travelers approaching Mesquite on I-15 will be excited to see the beautiful two-arch overpass structure. It is a unique design that allowed the massive project to be completed in only seven months. Most projects of this magnitude take a year to finish. Both sides of the overpass feature murals that reflect the mountains, river and mesas surrounding the valley. Soaring hawks, lizards, desert bighorns and tortoises all make appearances on this new Nevada landmark.

Mesquite exit 118 04Exit 188 interchange is the gateway to Mesquite’s budding industrial park. It is a long-awaited improvement for current businesses, such as Mesquite’s Do-It- Best Corporation regional warehouse that receives and sends out an average of 90 trucks a week. Those trucks, until now, have traveled via a traffic roundabout at Exit 120, a street better suited for passenger cars. The convenient new Exit 118 has also attracted a proposed truck plaza and convenience store to be built in the next year. Along with other new businesses, at least 600 jobs will soon be added to the community. “We are looking to build a business base where young people can prosper and stay for their lifetime,” say town leaders. “Exit 118 takes a big step toward realizing that dream.”

For recreational visitors, Exit 118 is a direct new route to the soccer and ball fields at the Mesquite Regional Sports Complex. It is also an easy access to the extensive bike and hiking trails at the base of the iconic Flat Top Mesa, and is a clear “no stoplight” shot to Conestoga Golf Course at Sun City. RV travelers who stop off at Exit 118 can head up Lower Flat Top Drive to Solstice RV Park and rent or purchase RV sites with million dollar views of the Virgin Valley.

— Linda Faas