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South Lake Tahoe Correspondence – October 2018

Our South Lake Tahoe Correspondent, Brendan Packer, found himself speechless with wonder at the beauty of “the Lake of the Sky” and sent us this evidence of his enchantment:

Finding Clemens Cove

One of the most memorable episodes in "Roughing It" recounts how young Sam Clemens hiked up to Lake Tahoe from Carson City. He tells how he and his companion staked a timber claim and...
Enroute to Jiggs

NevadaGram #105 – Elko, Jiggs and an Excursion Down South

I'm getting to really, really like Elko. Anyone who reads the NevadaGram knows that I've really liked Elko for a long time, but now it's really really. It's city enough to have a Home...
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