Pahrump Correspondence – September 2019

Fall is a great time to stay in Pahrump

Fall is the busiest time to come to Pahrump, and if you are coming during one of the many celebrations in town during this time you need to plan well in advance on where you are going to stay.

During the fall,  Pahrump has the following events this year: Top-Notch Car show, Sept. 21 and 22; Fall Festival, Sept. 26-29; Grape Stomp, Oct. 5-6; Pahrump Social Powwow, Nov. 22-24.

For some of those larger events, like the Pahrump Fall Festival, reserving a room can be a trick, with only four hotels and 400 hotel rooms in town. The rooms tend to go quickly, and one needs to book early, around August. (That’s for hotels; it’s different if you own an RV.)

James Horton, manager of Preferred RV, says Pahrump’s many RV parks are a great option.“Town Tourism tells me the current count is about 1,111 RV spots,” says James. “They all start filling up around mid-September, depending on the weather here and the areas they come in from. October is our busiest month of the year, generally. We usually have a few spaces, but I don’t think any of those events you mentioned have a big impact on the RV parks, ours included.”

Why is October so busy in Pahrump? It’s because the valley is a “snow bird” destination. Thousands of people come to the valley to spend their winter away from the snow, and then they are gone in the spring.

Three of the four hotels have RV parks attached. The grand lady of Pahrump is the Saddle West Hotel Casino & RV Resort with about 100 rooms. Its RV park has 80 spaces. The amenities include a pool, free wi-fi, and it is pet friendly.

The Best Western has about 100 hotel rooms and 158 RV spaces. They have a business center, a pool, and laundry facilities.Lakeside Casino and RV Park have plenty of amenities and 155 spaces. They have a seven-acre lake which is stocked with fish. There is also a pool and a beach, along with paddle boats and kayaks. Also, The RV park tends to be one of the coolest places in Pahrump during the summer because of the ample shade.

The larger RV parks that don’t have hotels are also packed with amenities.

Nevada Treasures RV has over 200 spaces. For amenities, there is a clubhouse with a gym, a restaurant and bar, a pool, and a bowling alley. Also, many of the sites have a barbecue area with a gazebo.Preferred RV is a members RV park and resort, but with 272 spaces it does have some spaces for non-members, too. The resort has plenty of activities, a clubhouse and an indoor pool.The Wine Ridge Cottages and RV Resort has over 200 spaces and is right at the Pahrump Valley Winery. The winery park has a pool with hot tubs, a picnic area,  a laundry facility, and an onsite RV and car wash. Of course, the best part of this RV park is the wine tasting!

— Vernon Hee