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NevadaGram #228 - Venturing out into the Sagebrush Sea

Entrance to Midas
After gamely sheltering in place for months, Robin and I decided to hit the road again during the last week in October. It was a relief, but it wasn't a return to the way things were pre-pandemic — the presence of Covid-19 was always on our minds, interfering with the carefree attitude that cruising through the sagebrush sea has always inspired in us. Still, we were glad to be on the road again. We've developed a routine for overnight hotel rooms — most lodgings are protecting guests with a commitment to wearing masks and to thoroughly disinfecting rooms. To feel extra safe we provided our own linens and brought our own disinfecting products in with us. We wear masks and distance socially outside the car . . . but many people do not. As for dining, we eat outdoors or order take-out, avoiding the chancier enclosed environments.Read more

Most Recent Nevada Correspondence

Comstock Mining Update — March 18, 2020

Much patched Highway in Gold Hill Nevada
During the time Comstock Mining Inc. was actively mining in Storey County, it escaped shutdown when the county allowed it to run haul trucks on the highway. The resulting damage to the pavement — never mind the danger to other traffic — resulted in 48 separate patches to the asphalt which still remain. They will outlast the company. On March 3 2020, with its stock at 57 cents and falling following the 5-1 reverse split on November 25 2019, CMI issued a press release emphasizing that after ten years of unprofitably extracting precious metals from Gold Canyon it is now seeking its fortune elsewhere. To its investors past and present who have put nearly a quarter-billion dollars into the hole in the ground called the Lucerne Pit, this might sound like coming a little late to the party.Read more

Recent Feature

Edna Purviance: Nevada's Forgotten Movie Star

Photoplay Magazine/Edna on th cover

1 of 12 Charlie was the victor and Edna was the spoils in “The Champion”. Wholesome . . . Delectable . . . Enchanting Watch Her Movies Here by David Toll You might think that a state with so few celebrities to brag about would make a big deal about a movie star who called Nevada home. But Edna Purviance, who starred with Charlie Chaplin in the pictures that elevated him into the first rank among movie stars, is now almost forgotten here. It seems especially strange because she was not only a famous movie star and for ten years Chaplin's leading lady, and his lover, she was his best and most loyal friend until the day she died. Born in Paradise Valley October 21, 1895, Edna moved as a youngster to Lovelock where she and her sisters Bessie and Myrtle helped their mother keep a boarding house after their parents divorced.

Recent Feature

Silver City Guard Ambushes BiCentennial Wagon Train

Silver City Guard

by David Toll b&w photos by Gary Elam (except as noted) When it was announced that Nevada's Bicentennial Wagon Train would make its first stop at Silver City on its way to Valley Forge, local BiCentennial Committee Chairman Grahame Ross, proprietor of the Golden Gate Bar and a Generalissimo in the Silver City Guard, vowed to make the occasion memorable. He called out the Guard. The Silver City Guard musters for the Veterans Day Parade, 1973 The Silver City Guard at the Governor's Mansion, Carson City, 2007 The Silver City Guard had been wiped out by Indians at the Battle of Pyramid Lake in 1860. and revived 90 years later to participate in local photo ops and Carson City's annual Nevada Day parade. The splendidly-uniformed troopers were routinely honored with a First Place Award in the Armed Rabble category.

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