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OATBRAN 2019 - Part II

by Curtis Fong, "The Guy from Tahoe" Thursday, September 26: “Rolling Beauty – Is This Nevada?” Eureka to Ely: 79 Miles – 3900 vertical feet of climbing Another absolutely beautiful Central Nevada morning, as I headed out to drive my early recon of the route ahead. This day, riders experience four climbs as Basin and Range continues across the Great Basin. I drove up and over Pinto Summit and down to Newark Valley, which is one of the most scenic views of the Loneliest Road: the junction of Nevada Highway 379, heading south to Currant via Fishcreek and Duckwater. For the past 28 years, I have never had the chance to drive NV 379 and has been on my bucket list forever. The sunrise was spectacular from this vantage point. No wind, no clouds, temps in the upper 40s and looking like another great weather day for the riders heading to Ely.
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A Dirt Road Rant

by Gage T. Smith, the Picon Guy When David asked me to resume writing about Nevada's Dirt Roads for the Nevadagram, I accepted, but with some hesitation because the whole face of this activity has changed over the past year or two. There are many reasons this is happening. The sheer number of people coming from out of state has me concerned about the Nevada Outback and our historical sites.  With the pandemic and people wanting to get out and do "something" there has been a meteoric rise in the sale of OHVs (Off Highway Vehicles) and RVs.  This is true in our own state but especially true for California. On any  given weekend, there are hordes of people coming to camp and recreate not only in the western parts of the state but into central Nevada too.
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Gus Bundy, 1907 - 1984

“Pose Please!” — Gus Bundy’s Reno Portraits

'The Reno Portraits' offers a rare opportunity to examine the paintings of a man who gained international attention as a photographer. Maintained in storage by his family for several decades, Gus Bundy’s portraits, which date from the late-1950s to the last one executed in 1983, are ...