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Curtis Fong Pedals Into June

Epic Rides Carson City Off-Road

by Curtis Fong, "the Guy from Tahoe" June bicycling will be kicking into high gear this month with a variety of events and activities — June 1st - 14th: the Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition will kick off its annual Tahoe Bike Challenge in partnership with TRPA. This event challenges individuals and teams to get out of their vehicles and onto their bikes, riding to work, school or play and logging miles for prizes. The first day of June features Tahoe City Clean Up Day from 8:30 am until noon; Meeting at Commons Beach. That's followed by South Lake Tahoe community bike path clean-up on Monday, June 3 from 5 to 8 pm, starting from multiple locations with a Happy Hour Celebration to follow. June 5th - 7th Bike & Walk to School Week will take place for parents and kids, and teachers are encouraged to lead groups of kids.
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Dirt Road to Masonic, Bodie and Aurora

Gage Smith riding his RZR pedal to th metal

See Map of the MBA Ride below by Gage Smith, "the Picon Guy" There is nothing like a beautiful spring like day in Nevada. The azure blue skies set off the brilliant white snow capped peaks of the surrounding mountains. The ground was littered with wildflowers making a brief but showy presence before the heat and dry of summer sets in. Everything just seemed . . . clean. In mid May, I hastily organized a day ride.  I have written before about the “MBA” ride meaning Masonic, Bodie and Aurora. After doing some map work, I decided to do just the first leg and see where it would go from there. We met at our usual jumping off spot near the East Walker River. The river, brown and turbid, was running swiftly under the bridge as we passed over. There were 8 rigs on this day trip — people were anxious to get out.
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