Correspondents Sign-up Form


Thank you for considering becoming a Correspondent for the NevadaGram!

First let me introduce the people here at Headquarters.

David Toll, Gold Hill
Author and publisher of The Complete Nevada Traveler guidebook to the state, helped establish the fondly-remembered Gold Hill NEWS in 1974, website developer since 1995, manager of the Nevada Travel Network website since 2001.Henry Kingman, Winnemucca
Chief Engineer; keeping the chains oiled and the brakes adjusted.

Donald Dickerson, Virginia City
Donald is our Managing Editor, and your primary work contact. He will edit your content and send you any particular comments, questions, requests or heads ups.

Sherri Thurin, Dayton
Operations Manager; Sherri is at the center of our organization, keeping the books, writing the checks, and assisting our customers. She is an experienced tourism veteran and a cheerful, efficient presence in our office.

Robin Cobbey (my wife and partner), Gold Hill
Our Special Projects manager, Robin teaches marketing online at West Virginia University. She is our best photographer and manages our social media.

The NevadaGram has been around since we launched the site, but it’s only recently that it has blossomed.
Once upon a time we kept up with the happenings around the state in a free and easy kind of way, but that’s not possible now. To do a proper job we are actively recruiting Correspondents in every Nevada city and town.

  Here’s the deal:

You have to be a Nevada-lover. Really. You have to love this cranky not-quite-Paradise place, you have to see its beauty all around you and go to bed at night thankful for the privilege of living here, because the basic task is to share the local news about pleasures, enjoyments and satisfactions that await our visitors.

For now we update our Nevada Correspondence page monthly. It will evolve shortly into

a no-deadline, post-anytime system, but for now we will expect all monthly dispatches to be submitted 10 days before the last day of the month, on a 3-month trial basis. We pay $25 per published piece. Not much, it’s true, but not nothing either. (If you’d like to sell advertising as well, see the option below).

The dispatch should be focused on upcoming events, and what’s new, what’s interesting, and what’s happened in your town since your last dispatch. Two or three photos make the package complete — video sends it to the moon —  all of it directed to potential visitors, out-of-towners who don’t have a clue about your town.

We love enthusiasm, but we can’t stand hype. Don’t “sell” anything, Just share the information and convey your enthusiasm with passing comments and “asides” instead. Don’t endorse or recommend anything you don’t truly feel worthy, and if you do, say why. Have fun, but not at someone else’s expense; we don’t give bad reviews, we ignore the bad experience, keep mum and keep going.

And finally, we recognize that this may be new to you (it’s still pretty new to us!), so keep in mind that we’re figuring it out together as we go along.

Ad Sales
If you can properly manage and carry out a professional sales program, we welcome the opportunity to discuss adding you to our sales staff as well, but it is NOT required or even suggested that our Correspondents participate in sales.

Thank you for responding! If you’re still interested, please take the next step by filling in the blanks. If not, thanks for considering it and best wishes.

What can you bring? Tell us the essentials about yourself and your chosen ?Beat', and why you'll make a good NevadaGram Correspondent