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Ely Correspondence – February 2018

Tacos, Tamales and Nopales!                          Mother and daughter, Claudia Coble and Emilia Aguayo, in front of Jr. Street Tacos. (Photo by Matt Weiser) In November, drivers along Great Basin Highway took in the new and welcome sight of Jr. Street Tacos, operated by Claudia Coble and parked at the Sinclair gas station. The food truck […]

Ely Correspondence – December 2017

Cold Mountain Fun with Fire & Ice As January cold settles into the mountains of Ely, Cave Lake comes alive with the annual Fire & Ice Festival. The festival melds artistic skill, physical endurance and the beauty of dark skies and bright lights into a weekend celebration open to all. Fireworks launched from a steam […]

Ely Correspondence – November 2017

Scenic Fall Drive Aspen leaves (Populous tremuloides) rattle in the wind along scenic Success Loop. The trees’ bark was historically harvested as a quinine substitute. (Photo by Alexa Mergen) Before winter sets in, take a drive along 38-mile Success Loop to glimpse the last of the autumn aspen leaves. Along the road are numerous places […]

Ely Correspondence – October 2017

Pine-Nut Time If you like pine nuts, then fall is the time to visit Eastern Nevada. The mountain pinyon trees are heavy with their delicious crop this year, if you know where to look and have the patience to harvest them. The Bureau of Land Management and Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest allow individuals to gather as […]

Ely Correspondence – August 2017

1987 Ely Centennial Celebration – Thirty Years Later Mining is an up and down activity, with the price of minerals controlling the rise and fall of the economy in a mining town. The 1980’s were very typical of the mining boom and bust cycle and had a lasting impact on the future of White Pine […]

Ely Correspondence – July 2017

July 4th in Ely                                                                          Independence Day parade in Ely, July 4th, 1918 July 4th is one of the biggest celebrations of the year in Ely. There is a long history and tradition for this. In the early days of the mining and ranching here, workers were recruited from all over the world because of […]

Ely Correspondence – February 2017

Ely’s Nevada Northern Railway Photo Shoot The whistle from the steam engine echoes across the valley as the white, puffy cloud of steam rises in the early morning chill. Snow covers the ground and the sun is just coming up. The clear, crisp mountain air shimmers, highlighting the frost on the trees. Activity at the […]

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