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Branding Time

Every weekend in May is a branding event, when the calves are separated from their moms to get their vaccinations, ear tags and castration. Some ranches will brand their calves, while others mark them with a distinct ear cut. It takes a lot of people to do a branding, and while some are paid, many volunteer. After the calves and moms are separated, cowboys and cowgirls will go rope a calf (it’s not so easy!). Once a hind leg is caught, they take the calf to the processing area, where a team does their work in just a couple minutes. Then the calf is released, and it’s time to go get the next calf. Up to about 600 calves can be processed this way, although that’s a long, all-day project, and usually the numbers are smaller. A big lunch is provided for everyone who helps out. You might see some branding events as you drive the roads — just look for those horse trailers.

School’s Out!

This year’s graduating class from EskDale High School in Snake Valley is one. She’s the valedictorian. And the senior class president. And gets to have the stage to herself! Needless to say, schools are a little different in this very remote area. We basically have a one-room schoolhouse for grades kindergarten to second in Garrison, Utah, with one teacher for all three grades and 15 students. Then they go to Baker, Nevada for grades third through sixth, with one teacher for all grades (and fortunately some extra help for science, art, and music). Then junior and senior high school are at EskDale, Utah, about 20 miles from Baker. A bi-state agreement makes things work smoothly, and two school buses help collect and deliver students from distant locations. Some students live about 40 miles from school.

R & R Rest Stop

                                             Rowena and Rex Leonard, owners of the R&R Rest Stop, a vintage 1952 trailer.

Want to come to Baker and have some extra space to stay but still sleep on a bed? One great option is the R & R Rest Stop, a vintage 1952 recently refurbished trailer. Owners Rex and Rowena Leonard can offer plenty of advice on what to see and do in the area, as they’ve been long-time residents. Pets are allowed, and the views and reviews are great.

Upcoming Events

The Border Inn celebrates the Cinco de Mayo with a big party on Saturday night.

Great Basin National Park offers astronomy programs on Saturday nights. Bring a chair and blanket and enjoy a program and telescope views into the dark night sky. Memorial Day weekend generally kicks off the busy season for the area.

The Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive should be open to 10,000 feet, and there will likely be snow to play in at that elevation. Be sure to make your Lehman Cave tour reservations in advance at Recreation.gov, as they fill up fast.

                                                                                             Snuggling marmots

And check out the yellow-bellied marmots on the Baker Creek road—just go slow, as they like to dig in the middle of the road and are slow moving out of the way.

— Gretchen Baker

Check out Gretchen’s fascinating outdoor adventure blog, Desert Survivor.

Baker Correspondence – May 2018

Branding Time Every weekend in May is a branding event, when the calves are separated from their moms to get their vaccinations, ear tags and castration. Some ranches will brand their calves, while others mark them with a distinct ear cut. It takes a lot of people to do a branding, and while some are […]

Baker Correspondence – April 2018

                                                                                                Indian Paintbrush Awakening Spring is here, and Baker is awakening out of its winter slumber! A number of businesses are reopening for the season. The Great Basin Café at Lehman Caves Visitor Center in Great Basin National Park opens April 1 and will be open on weekends throughout the month, expanding to more days […]

Baker Correspondence – November 2017

                                                             The 25-yard rifle competition at the annual Baker Turkey Shoot November ushers in colder weather, but that doesn’t stop people from going out for the annual turkey shoot. We don’t shoot turkeys, but those who have the highest scores shooting targets win frozen turkeys. The 16th annual event will be held Saturday, November 18th, […]

Baker Correspondence – September 2017

A September is one of the most beautiful months to visit Baker and the surrounding area. With the cooler temperatures and shorter days, the leaves start changing color, beginning at tree line and working their way down. Snake Creek, in the southern part of the park, has beautiful high elevation aspen groves. A hike to […]

Baker Correspondence – August 2017

Life Returns to the Strawberry Fire Area                                                      Strawberry  Creek Canyon, the area burned by a wildfire in August 2016 It’s been a year since the Strawberry Fire, which burned over 4,000 acres of National Park Service and BLM land at the north end of the South Snake Range. The area looks a lot different […]

Ely Correspondence – August 2017

1987 Ely Centennial Celebration – Thirty Years Later Mining is an up and down activity, with the price of minerals controlling the rise and fall of the economy in a mining town. The 1980’s were very typical of the mining boom and bust cycle and had a lasting impact on the future of White Pine […]

Baker Correspondence – July 2017

Nevada’s Last Glacier                                                                       High-altitude wildflowers growing on Wheeler Peak July is one of the busiest months in Baker, with hotel rooms, cave tours, and developed campgrounds at capacity. You can still enjoy your visit by booking ahead (for lodging options and cave tours) and checking out more primitive campsites (e.g., Snake Creek area and […]

Baker Correspondence – June 2017

                                                         The new Great Basin Cafe near the Lehman Caves Visitors Center Baker is busy in June! Fortunately, all the local businesses are up and running. One of the new offerings is the Great Basin Café, up next to the Lehman Caves Visitor Center. Hours are starting at 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., with breakfast […]

Baker Correspondence – May 2017

The flowers are blooming, and you can enjoy them over a longer distance as the Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive in Great Basin National Park is plowed this month. During the winter it is open only to Upper Lehman Creek Campground, but as conditions allow, it is opened to the Osceola Trail parking, then Mather Overlook, […]

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