What Happened Here?

These photos were taken in 1915 — but where? We’re not even sure they were taken in Nevada. Can you help?

Boulder damage

Boulder damage

If you know, or even have a clue to offer, please send us an email.

I’ve Been Workin’ on the Railroad

V&T passenger car "Gold Hill"This video was made December 21, 2009, showing the former Erie and Lackawanna passenger car arriving from Detroit and being lifted by crane and set onto trucks already placed on the tracks.

The car has since been completely overhauled, painted, polished and christened the “Gold Hill”.

You can watch Part 2 here.

Nevada Northern Railway | V&T in Virginia City | V&T in Carson City
Nevada Southern Railway | Nevada Railroad Museum | Railfanning

The Nevada Company’s cannonball safe with the door closed and its combination-lock’s dial in place.

Berlin and the Cannonball Safe

by Adam Michalski Transporting valuables in modern times is relatively easy.  Armored vehicles, utilizing reinforced bodies and bullet-resistant windshields while traveling on paved roads, deliver cash between banks or jewels to jewelry stores.  In the 1890s, however, transporting cash, gold, and silver was much more difficult, especially in remote Central Nevada.  There were few railroads ...
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Locomotive Glenbrook at Nevada State Railroad Museum, Carson City

Locomotive Glenbrook Under Steam at Nevada State Railroad Museum, Carson City

by Wendell Huffman After slumbering for 90 years, the locomotive Glenbrook is once again under steam, blasting its whistle just a few miles from where it ran in 1875. The Glenbrook is a narrow gauge 2-6-0 locomotive which first operated on the railroad of the Carson & Tahoe Lumber & Fluming Company, a company ...
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Look familiar? Locomotive 204 is at the load out being filled with ballast. Once the cars are loaded, they are moved down the line and the ballast is dumped on the track. The ballast regulator follows along profiling the fresh ballast on the track and the roadbed.

Working on the Railroad

by Mark Bassett Working on the railroad all the live-long day. If you have driven from Ely to Ruth, you might have noticed that is just what we’re doing. Track equipment is out on the railroad replacing ties and tamping the track. Ballast trains are dumping ballast. And more track equipment follows the ballast trains spreading the ballast. When all of this done, the track is smooth and looks great. The railroad will be investing over $1,300,000 in the track. The Nevada Congressional Delegation was able to secure these funds for the railroad. The funds ...
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1956 Pontiac Chieftain Hy-Rail, modified by Fairmont Motor Co.

One Unusual Project: Nevada Northern Railway HY-RAIL #18

by Mark Bassett As with most things in life, it started with a simple comment. “Hey that’s a cool 1956 Pontiac Chieftain Station Wagon.” Paul Mickelson, one of the museum members was reviewing a book Joan and I had done on the Nevada Northern Railway. In the book was a photo of Nevada Northern Railway HY-RAIL 18. A HY-RAIL vehicle is a car or truck that can either go either on the highway or on the railroad tracks. Another friend had forwarded the picture of HY-RAIL 18 that he had found at a swap meet ...
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The V & T Railroad Chugs Into 2016 With Exciting Events

All aboard the V&T Railroad to create happy memories Attention individuals looking for adventurous opportunities to enter the enchanted world of vintage railroads — mark your calendar for the Virginia & Truckee Railroad’s 2016 season. The V&T Railroad kicks off its season on Memorial Day, Saturday, May 28, 2016, with seven daily train rides beginning at 10:30 ...
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Virginia & Truckee Railroad locomotive No. 28 at Virginia City, near the V & T passenger depot, in 1976

V&T No. 28 had a brief but important role in Nevada

by Peter Barton Railfans know Virginia & Truckee Railway locomotive No. 27 as the last new engine bought by the famous Comstock railroad company. It pulled the V&T’s last regular train in 1950, was a fixture in Virginia City for over two decades, and now restored, resides at the Nevada State Railroad Museum in Carson ...
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The Dam Railroad, or how the railroad that built Hoover Dam became a railroad museum

The Dam Railroad, or how the railroad that built Hoover Dam became a railroad museum

by Peter Barton In late December 1928 the United States Congress authorized construction of the Boulder Dam Project, the largest single civil engineering project conceived up to that date. To build the dam, they first built a railroad, or more accurately three railroads; the Union Pacific Boulder City Branch, the U.S. Government Railroad and the ...
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The Virginia Trckee Railroad on the way to Gold Hill

V&T Railroad’s Summer Season Opens Memorial Day Weekend

Authentic period train retraces Old West from Carson to Virginia Cities The 2016 Virginia & Truckee Railroad season chugs full steam ahead starting Memorial Day weekend, May 28-29. Authentic period steam trains ride through the heart of Nevada’s 1860s silver boom towns where legends of the Wild West were born and live on today along ...
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Johnny Bartholomew: Hero on the V&T Railroad

by Mark McLaughlin A In its heyday during the 1870s, Virginia City rivaled cosmopolitan San Francisco and the Barbary Coast as the most exciting and wildly indulgent city in the Far West. An important key to Virginia City’s reputation as a bustling metropolis teeming with millionaires and high society was the glamorous, but hard-working Virginia ...
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Photo for under header of Railfanning May 2016

Railfanning – April 2016

Railfanning Clearing the way - Union Pacific "Snow Fighters" keep the trains moving in Winter Trains keep America running. They carry bulk commodities like grain, coal, and petroleum, along with finished products like automobiles, other manufactured items, and imported merchandise. If the trains shut down, America shuts down too. No other form of transportation can ...
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