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Elko Correspondence - January 2018

Elko Correspondence – January 2018

Saddle Up for Cowboy Poetry o The 2018 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering starts on the 29th of this month. Now is the time to get your tickets if you have not already done so. Many of the big shows are sold out, but plenty of tickets still remain for lots of the events. This year's theme is "Basques and Buckaroos." It promises to be a great week of poetry, music, dance, and art. Check out the schedule at: What's ...
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Ely Correspondence - January 2018

Ely Correspondence – January 2018

Skis and Snow (or Slush): The Bristlecone Birkebeiner “It’s nice to get out and enjoy the fresh air and God’s country and the exercise. It’s a good sport,” says Marlene Vlahos of cross-country skiing in the mountains around Ely. In the 1980s when thick winter snow frequently blanketed the region, Vlahos was an early participants in what became the region’s annual Bristlecone Birkebeiner race. This year’s January 20 race will be held at Ward Mountain Recreation Area, public land administered ...
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Las Vegas Correspondence - January 2018

Las Vegas Correspondence – January 2018

o Like everyone else, I grew up eating fish, but it was mostly plates of herring and sardines with onions and tomatoes. Then one evening, while dining at a Lake Tahoe casino, I was treated to caviar ... and Diamond Jack was born. That memory returned last month when I ate at the Caviar Room at Restaurant Guy Savoy at Caesars Palace. It offers an exclusive menu of caviar dishes, including the indulgent Colors of Caviar and Salmon “Mi Cuit” ...
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Laughlin Correspondence - January 2018

Laughlin Correspondence – January 2018

Willie Nelson Brings His Music to the E Center Willie Nelson and Family will headline at the E Center at the Edgewater on Sunday, Jan. 14 at 8 p.m. Ticket range is $55 to $300. With a remarkable six-decade career, this Texan has produced more than 200 albums. He is the creative power behind such recordings as “Stardust,” “Crazy” and “Red Headed Stranger.” He has earned every conceivable award as a musician.     In the last five years, Nelson presented nine new album ...
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Lincoln County Correspondence - January 2018

Lincoln County Correspondence – January 2018

E.T. Highway and E.T. Jerky “Calling occupants of interplanetary craft!” Well, it’s better than the "CQ, CQ" call we used to use with my cousin’s ham radio back in the '60s. Worked just fine for human earthlings, not so much for intergalactic aliens. But maybe it was because we just weren’t in the right place. Now I live in place that might be right, or so some people have said.  Not much concrete evidence to support the claim, but claims ...
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Mineral County Correspondence - January 2018

Mineral County Correspondence – January 2018

America’s Most Patriotic Town American Flags are constantly flying throughout the town of Hawthorne, set apart as being America’s Most Patriotic Town. In honoring many different wars and those that served within those wars, Veteran’s Park stands as a cornerstone to Hawthorne’s northern entrance along Highway 95. Throughout the year, the people of Hawthorne plan for their main event on Armed Forces weekend.  Town parades from any holiday celebration traditionally end at Veterans Park, where new tributes are included within ...
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North Lake Tahoe Correspondence - January 2018

North Lake Tahoe Correspondence – January 2018

Happy New Year! Even though the snowstorms have been a little sparse compared to last season, it has been plenty cold enough, and there is still a lot to do in North Lake Tahoe. Last season, the first big storm didn’t come in until after January 1st, and it didn’t stop snowing until June, so hopefully we’ll have another winter like that. Thanks to amazing snowmaking capabilities, all of the ski resorts are open from the West Shore to the ...
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Pahrump Correspondence - January 2018

Pahrump Correspondence – January 2018

Wheeler Well: one man's the labor of love In the Spring Mountains off of Wheeler pass, about 7,000 feet in elevation above the town of Pahrump,  sits and old rusted cattle watering tank known as Wheeler Well. It's not much to look at. The tank for the water had been dry for some fifty years, and It was full of holes from hunters using it for target practice.  Dick Senior changed all that. Dick was a man driven by the love ...
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Reno Correspondence - January 2018

Reno Correspondence – January 2018

Downtown Reno: One Square Mile Edition In the colder months, we tend to stay a little closer to home. Erik pursues the “One Square Mile” theme, featuring scenes he paints within a square mile of the loft (show at La Terre Verte, downtown Reno), and we relish the opportunity to base most of our activities near home, leaving the car parked. Luckily, we live in an area that is very conducive to this. Eats Gentrification is a dirty word these ...
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Searchlight Correspondence - January 2018

Searchlight Correspondence – January 2018

Searchlight: On the Road from Las Vegas to Laughlin For the next several months I will be exploring my visits to Laughlin from Las Vegas. Hopefully, it will answer at least a few of your questions about this section of our great State of Nevada! While the new Interstate 11 is being built with a bypass around Boulder City, it is nice to know that you can still get through this area to go to Laughlin without much difficulty. On ...
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South Lake Tahoe Correspondence - January 2018

South Lake Tahoe Correspondence – January 2018

It’s a nice, optimistic feeling to see people get excited for all the snow at Lake Tahoe when there is no snow yet.  People arrive with high hopes and their the skis strapped to the roof of the car, but unfortunately are greeted to a town still waiting.  It doesn’t seem to dampen spirits, maybe because it’s the holiday season, a time to head into the mountains and be merry and bright.  A little of the white stuff would help ...
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Sparks Correspondence - January 2018

Sparks Correspondence – January 2018

We made it through another year and Sparks just seems to be getting better and better. The new Pyramid & McCarran intersection opened up making it easier to get around, new schools are being built, special events throughout the year allow family and friends to get together and create long lasting memories, and more. If you are like many other Northern Nevadans who have just made New Year’s resolutions such as spend time with loved ones, exercise, and learn new ...
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Baker Correspondence - December 2017

Baker Correspondence – December 2017

Need an excuse to get outside in December? Join your local Christmas Bird Count, and not only do you get fresh air, you also help provide data for the longest-run citizen science project in the world! The Snake Valley Christmas Bird Count (CBC) will be held Monday, December 18. Generally 45-50 species of birds are seen. Some routes involve mostly driving, while others are mostly hiking/snow shoeing/skiing, and some are a combination. The nearby Ely CBC will be Tuesday, December ...
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Carson Valley Correspondence - December 2017

Carson Valley Correspondence – December 2017

Carson Valley is “legendary” as the place where Nevada began in 1851.  The Historic Pony Express Trail borders the town of Genoa.  Minden is the town that the Dangberg’s built. Wagon roads helped to establish the town of Gardnerville during the mining boom of Aurora and Bodie. In the early days, Carson Valley was the “bread basket” for Virginia City, after the discovery of silver there, when ranchers supplied the Comstock with all of their fruit, dairy, vegetable, and meat ...
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Ely Correspondence - December 2017

Ely Correspondence – December 2017

Cold Mountain Fun with Fire & Ice As January cold settles into the mountains of Ely, Cave Lake comes alive with the annual Fire & Ice Festival. The festival melds artistic skill, physical endurance and the beauty of dark skies and bright lights into a weekend celebration open to all. The festival draws up to 2,000 spectators throughout the weekend, according to Ed Spear, Director of the White Pine County Tourism and Recreation Board. Sculptors, up to 20 participating some ...
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Fallon Correspondence - December 2017

Fallon Correspondence – December 2017

A Visit to Oats Park Arts Center Oats Park Art Center, located in a town of fewer than 9,000 residents, rivals many big city arts and entertainment venues. Once a former grammar school designed by Reno architect Frederick DeLonchamps in 1914, the building sat vacant for nearly 30 years after an earthquake caused structural and cosmetic damage in 1954. Now the two-storied building is again alive with activity and visual vibrance. “We have events almost every week,” said executive director ...
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Las Vegas Correspondence - December 2017

Las Vegas Correspondence – December 2017

Come and enjoy the holiday season in Las Vegas this December! The Las Vegas Great Santa Run is being held on Saturday, December 2nd. We are always trying to beat our record of 11,000-plus Santas, for this Opportunity Village benefit. If you want to participate the entrance fee is $45 for either the 5K run or 1 mile walk for those over age 13, $25 for ages 6-12 and $15 for ages 2-5. The 5K run begins at 10:00 a.m ...
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Laughlin Correspondence - December 2017

Laughlin Correspondence – December 2017

Tropicana hosts Brunch with Gospel Music The Worship & Waffles Gospel Music & Brunch will be held in the Pavilion Theater at the Tropicana on Sunday, Dec. 10 from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. There will be a buffet style brunch menu with gospel hymns performed by Soul Tie. The all-you-can-eat buffet will have breakfast favorites including a waffle and French toast bar along with entrée selections including fried chicken, smoked brisket and oven roasted salmon. Tickets are $35 and a ...
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Mineral County Correspondence - December 2017

Mineral County Correspondence – December 2017

Hawthorne’s Antique Haven Along anyone’s travels, quirky little thrift stores can heighten the curiosity of every collector or junking browser who dares to drive down a small-town main street. Such is the case at 585 E Street in Hawthorne’s downtown strip. The window dressing alone sways tourists to stop by Patricia’s Estate Sale Warehouse. With items of nostalgia brimming to the top of display cases, Patricia keeps a constant flow of changing merchandise, emerging from estate sales, trades or from ...
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Pahrump Correspondence - December 2017

Pahrump Correspondence – December 2017

The Pahrump Nugget 250 is not just a race The Pahrump Nugget 250 truly ranks up there as one of the most unique things about Pahrump. People who settled in this town have a natural affinity for exploring the outdoors, being so close to nature and the desert. Off-roading is one of the ways the residents regularly blow off some steam,  and so it is only fitting to celebrate that with this race. Not many towns can say they have ...
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South Lake Tahoe

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September Hiking in the Rubies

Elko Correspondence – September 2016

September Hiking in the Rubies September is often the best time to hike in the Ruby Mountains, as the temperatures ...
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Elko Correspondence - July 20016

Elko Correspondence – July 20016

Elko July Campouts I'm paraphrasing a line from one of the poets who recited earlier this year at the National ...
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June in Elko

Elko Correspondence – June 2016

Elko Waterfalls and wildflowers June greetings from Elko. This is my first post, and I'm happy to be sharing stories ...
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Elko Correspondence - February 2016

Elko Correspondence – February 2016

Elko Megateuthis  Makes its Debut in Elko The giant, mechanical squid known as Megateuthis was a Burning Man sensation this ...
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Boulder City

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Carson City

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Lincoln County

Lincoln County Correspondence - July 2016

Lincoln County Correspondence – July 2016

Lincoln County Nevada’s Best Kept Secret Do you know what the best kept secret in Nevada is? We like to ...
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Lincoln County Correspondence - June 2016

Lincoln County Correspondence – June 2016

Lincoln County Beaver Dam 49er Gravel Grinder For bicycle enthusiasts to start the summer season, the Nevada State Parks offer ...
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Lincoln County Correspondence - May 2016

Lincoln County Correspondence – May 2016

Lincoln County Memorial Day in Caliente and other things “See the USA in your ….” There was the name of ...
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Lincoln County Correspondence - February 2016

Lincoln County Correspondence – February 2016

Lincoln County New Ash Springs Proposal The popular Ash Springs Hot Springs picnic area, about seven miles north of Alamo ...
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Lincoln County in December

Lincoln County – Correspondence – December 2015

Lincoln County I trust you all had a Happy Thanksgiving. And now it’s December and the Christmas season. Here in ...
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Silver City

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Virginia City

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Gold Point

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Gladys Knight Laughlin

Laughlin Correspondence – December 2016

Bill Engvall Headlines Edgewater's E Center Top comedian Bill Engvall will be center stage at the E Center on Saturday, ...
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Ray Anthony as Richie Valens

Laughlin Correspondence – October 2016

Neil Sedaka Will Light Up the E Center Multi-talented Neil Sedaka will be singing his many hits and playing piano ...
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Laughlin Correspondence - August 2016

Laughlin Correspondence – August 2016

Laughlin Annual River Regatta Happens Mid-August There will be pirates on the Colorado on Saturday, Aug. 13 for the 10th ...
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Chefs Food Fest Laughlin

Laughlin Correspondence – June 2016

Laughlin AVI Features the Blues on Thursday Nights Lionel Young will be performing on June 2. His Lionel Young Band, ...
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Laughlin Night Life

Laughlin Correspondence – November 2015

Laughlin Yardbirds and Manhattans Appear at Harrah's The Yardbirds, an English rock band formed in London in 1963, will headline ...
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