DAYTON is in Virginia City

by Dennis Cassinelli For many years, my family and I have lived in Dayton, Nevada, “Gateway to the Comstock.” This is where Nevada gold was first discovered in 1849 that ten years later, led to the discovery of silver and the Comstock Lode. When the ...
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Deep Powder 2017 in the Tahoe Basin

Where to Do It All in and around the Tahoe Basin in Winter

Where to Stay:Click Here for lodgings One can obviously stay in the Tahoe Basin, however in a year like this there is a great possibility things will be completely booked up. So note that Reno also offers a ton of options, you can stay off ...
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Bluenose the bicycle at Battle Mountain Nevada

A Visit to Battle Mountain During HPV Speed Challenge

We are in Battle Mountain for the World’s Fastest Human-Powered Speed Challenge, which is a contest to see whose bicycle can go fastest on five miles of straight, flat Highway 305 about 15 miles south of town on the road to Austin. Battle Mountain is on ...
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Country Dancing , Elko Nevada

Art “Placemaking” or Art “Placekeeping” in Downtown Elko?

By David Roche Executive Director, Western Folklife Center When the Western Folklife Center was awarded an art “placemaking” grant from ArtPlace America in the fall of 2015, it initiated a creative process already stimulated by Elko’s own plan for redevelopment of the downtown corridor. Bordered ...
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Daniel Van Zant's Thunder Mountain off Interstate 80

Thunder Mountain: A Monumental Undertaking

Dan Van Zant is determined to preserve and protect a remarkable piece of Nevada history Story and photos by Richard Menzies A Daniel Van Zant is a middle-aged desk jockey, who, when he’s not developing marketing strategies for an Oregon supermarket chain, can be found ...
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Lehman Caves, Great Basin National Park Nevada

Nevada State of Mind

by Richard Bangs It feels like we’re driving to the edge of the world where the water falls off. Infinity is just ahead. To the right are mountains that arc up from the basement of time. On the left, a dry lake bed now glassed ...
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Photo for under header of Railfanning May 2016

Railfanning – April 2016

Railfanning Clearing the way - Union Pacific "Snow Fighters" keep the trains moving in Winter Trains keep America running. They carry bulk commodities like grain, coal, and petroleum, along with finished products like automobiles, other manufactured items, and imported merchandise. If the trains shut down, ...
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Red-haired Giant Cannibals at Lovelock Cave? Really?

By Brendan Riley Colorful tales of the American West don't fade away easily, even when they seem to have been discounted. Take, for example, the story of legendary red-haired cannibal giants whose alleged existence in the Lovelock area centuries ago has been debated for more ...
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Cemetery, Dayton Nevada

The Center of the Universe

The cemetery in Dayton Nevada is the center of the universe for my family. Dayton and its cemetery is the place our collective identity began. My mother was born in Dayton, her mother was born there and her grandmother came as a small child. She ...
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Railroad Motor Cars of Nevada – Part II

By Stephen E. Drew, Chief Curator (retired) California State Railroad Museum Nevada Motor Cars Part I Nevada Motor Cars Part III The self-propelled passenger car, or motor car, was the savior of early 20th-Century railroad branches and short lines, especially in Nevada. In place of ...
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Las Vegas, Desert-Inn

Las Vegas — Reality or Promoter’s Illusion?

by Myram Borders  Las Vegas rode into the 20th century on a horse-drawn wagon and left in a golden chariot. Editor's Choice After spending seven months late in 2013 and early 2014 writing more than half of "Nevadans: The Spirit of the Silver State," it ...
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Herman Knickerbocker Prospecting at Rawhide Nevada

Eulogy for a Gambler

The funeral oration for Riley Grannan by Herman W. Knickerbocker On April 3, 1908, a former Methodist minister faced a small audience crowded into a backroom dance hall in the booming mining town of Rawhide. His name was Herman Knickerbocker, and he had been the ...
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Dan De Quille

Mark Twain’s Collar Buttons

by Dan De Quille The Golden Era, December 6, 1863 If I had known that Mark Twain's shirts were all without collars I would never have gone into partnership with him in rooms. I should have sternly refused having such a partner — all his ...
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A Visit to Death Valley, Autumn 2013

Someone once described being in Paris as being an ant crawling across a magnificent work of art. Death Valley is like that too, except that you drive, and early in November Robin and I devoted two days to the experience. We came in from the ...
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The Nevada Horoscope

The Nevada Horoscope

by Ciphers On October 31, 1864, President Abraham Lincoln signed the Act which created Nevada a state in the Union. As his pen touched the document the Sun and the Moon were in the sign of Scorpio with her ruling planet Pluto set in midheaven ...
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Nevada State Capitol, Carson City

Cruising Carson City, November 2015

Carson City is a real city now. No, really. There are lots of ways to measure this, but in my mind the true mark of a city is whether or not you can do all your Christmas shopping there. Amazingly perhaps, if you haven't been ...
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