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NevadaGram #30 – Ely’s Ghost Train, Art Flap in Elko and a Love Letter to Hawthorne

The Northern Nevada Railway in East Ely offers one of life’s greatest rushes. For $550 you can rent a steam locomotive and “chug-chug poof-poof off we go!” You can actually throw the lever and move the great locomotive down the rail in a slow glide that gradually quickens to a solid click-clack, click-clack, clickety-clack. You […]

NevadaGram #29 – Austin’s Fabulous New Year’s Eve, Legends Meet at Lake Tahoe, the Big RV Photo Contest, and March in Winnemucca

Victorian New Year’s Eve in Austin was a great success. Jan Morrison of The Main Street Shops reports: “My little shop was packed! Guests at the Austin New Year’s Eve Celebration enjoyed a memorable night. “From an RSVP list of 84, 81 people made it to the great celebration (one couldn’t make it over Donner […]

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