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NevadaGram #24 – Too Much Fun at the Armpit Festival, Historic Hotel Auctioned, and the Slowest Race on Earth

This 1926 Model T is one of the antique cars displayed at the old Goldfield fire house.

The First Annual Festival in the Pit was a huge success, and Battle Mountain is still experiencing the bliss. This flamboyant and flourishing offspring of the Ultimate Insult and the Old Spice deodorant company, drew several thousand visitors over its three-day run. Visitors ienjoyed a varied schedule of activities and events at Elquist and Lions […]

NevadaGram #23 – Canada, Goldfield Hotel for sale, Two Elys, Fallon’s famous Cantaloupe Fest

Victoria B.C.

In last month’s Travelgram I mentioned Canadians and tipping, which inspired a sharp rebuke from Winnemucca: “For your information not all of us Canadians are lousy tippers!” No, it’s not the Sparks Marina it’s the beautiful city of Victoria BC Canada, home of good tippers. Naturally I was appalled at the idea I’d somehow contributed […]

Trip Report #22 – Lake Tahoe, Death Valley, The MaryJane Sisters, Ash Meadows, Battle Mountain, Elko, Valley of Fire, Hawthorne and the Loneliest Road

Furnace Creek Resort

How Canadians got their reputation as lousy tippers I don’t know, but McAvoy Layne who portrays Mark Twain during the Tahoe Queen’s afternoon cruise to Emerald Bay, tells me that the other day a pair of Canadiennes rode the shuttle bus from the free parking lot on Ski Run Blvd., and as they descended from […]