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Tuscarora Correspondence – May 2016

Tuscarora One Cowboy’s Culinary Treat May Be Another Person’s “Eww!” Old timers will tell you that some years branding calves in Independence Valley may extend from April 15 to 4th of July. It depends on the weather and the size of the herd. If it goes until July, the cowboys are darn ready to head […]

Tuscarora Correspondence – April 2016

Ben Parks opening his kiln Tuscarora

Tuscarora Tuscarora’s Souper-Man              Master potter Ben Parks opening his kiln in Tuscarora. One of the busiest citizens of Tuscarora is Ben Parks, who divides his time between running the Tuscarora Pottery School and serving as a nurse in the Intensive Care Unit at the Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital in Elko. Every other year, Ben […]

Tuscarora Correspondence – March 2016

Tuscarora A Conspiracy of Rabbits It’s quiet in Tuscarora these days and, most likely, will stay that way until spring. A main topic of conversation — if you can find someone to talk to — is the plague of rabbits besieging Tuscarora and Independence Valley. Here in town, the jackrabbits and cottontails have girdled everyone’s […]

Tuscarora – Correspondence – July 2015

Tuscarora Summer hours for Society Hall, the Tuscarora community center, are Saturday and Sunday  11:00-2:00. (Maintained by the Friends of Tuscarora and Independence Valley) The Tuscarora Ladies Club and various other cookie-makers (out-of-work buckaroos, ex-line cooks and Peruvian sheepherders) are making sure there’s coffee and a plate of freshly baked cookies for visitors as they […]