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Las Vegas Correspondence – January 2019

Bodies are swarming Las Vegas in January! After the holidays are over you would think Las Vegas would slow down for a month … not happening! January ramps up with bodies everywhere in town at the conventions, including the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Adult Entertainment Expo (AVN) and at the hotels. Hundreds of thousands of […]

Las Vegas Correspondence – December 2018

Diamond Jack is a meat and potatoes man. A real Nevadan. However, he knows that plant-based foods are finding a greater audience than ever before, and he has discovered Tacotarian, a 100% plant-based Mexican restaurant. Street tacos take center stage in the 40-seat restaurant with a dozen different variations, including Carne Asada made with wheat-based […]

Las Vegas Correspondence – September 2018

                          “La Vegas” from The Real Crepe: mixed berries, whipped cream, chocolate, almonds, and vanilla ice cream It’s not often one gets to eat the food of Brittany, France, but you can do that at The Real Crepe, where owners Jean-Jacques and Catherine are making some very good crepes.            Catherine and Jean-Jacques, owners of […]

Las Vegas Correspondence – July 2018

Moray eel at SeaQuest Diamond Jack is in the middle of the desert, and sometimes he needs to see the sea. Welcome to SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium at the Boulevard Mall on Maryland Park and its many exhibits, ranging from rainforests and deserts to exotic marine life. These exhibits go through five continents, and visitors are […]

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