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Hawthorne Correspondence – December 2016

Hawthorne Ordnance Museum

Historic Hawthorne’s Guns and Roses With awe inspiring views of Mount Grant and Walker Lake, Hawthorne is nestled in as a historic landmark of military pride and sentimental gardening qualities, which yields a true “Guns and Roses” opportunity to visit. Over the years, the Hawthorne Army Depot boasted a medium-sized population of military families eager […]

Hawthorne – Correspondence – July 2015

Hawthorne Tornado

Hawthorne The Hawthorne Tornado: The first damage done by the tornado was out at the “Base,” Area 49, just east of town. A building there sustained not only roof sheeting damage, but the structure (roof trusses) was damaged, too. The first structure hit as it came into town was a billboard. It virtually blew up and […]

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