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Boulder City Correspondence – October 2017

                                Boulder City’s historic Browder Building today, boarded up and  destined to be demolished, unless … What Makes Something Historic? Why preserve an old building? Is it the architecture? Did something significant happen there? Is it attached to a historic event or a noted person in history? If it has a worthy story it should […]

Boulder City Correspondence – August 2017

Bullock’s Field, the old Boulder City Airport Prior to 1933, Boulder City’s “airport” was a graded dirt strip that accommodated the occasional private plane. In 1933, Noel Bullock leased the land from the Bureau of Reclamation to create Bullock’s Airport. Noel, a Nebraska farm boy, already had found fame driving his homemade RAJO Model T […]

Boulder City Correspondence – July 2017

Snow White Sang at the Boulder Theatre Somewhat neglected in the story of Boulder City is the fact that Boulder Dam was built not just to generate electrical power but to inspire a nation. The architect Gordon Kaufman added the Art Deco touches to project a modern, forward-looking vision of America that was badly needed […]

Boulder City Correspondence – May 2017

America’s Heroes and Boulder City, or Why We Love Veterans Larry was a special friend, a fishing buddy. Fishing buddies lie, cheat, compete, and, sometimes, are even willing to die for one another. The first time we ever went fishing together, I remember us sizing each other up. He had nice, very new gear with […]

Boulder City Correspondence – December 2016

Great Egret at Lake Mead

The Birds of Lake Mead                                                                                         Double-crested cormorant Chirp, caw, quack, squawk, squeak, coo are parts of the cacophony of sounds performed in winter at the edge of the inland sea along the constantly receding shoreline in what is called the riparian zone of Lake Mead. Lake Mead, which you may recall is the body […]

Boulder City Correspondence – September 2016

Alabama the Toilet-paper Man

A Walkable City & Alabam the Toilet-paper Man Everyone has seen something that looked like something but which they are sure couldn’t really be. In front of the historic L.A. Water and Power Building in Boulder City stands Alabam in glorious bronze. Now, most bronzes commemorate very special well-connected people. This is because making any bronze […]

Boulder City Correspondence – August 2016

Boulder City Lake Mead and Boulder City                                                                      Boulder Basin Las Vegas Boat Harbor, Lake Mead There would be no Boulder City without Lake Mead. Boulder City’s was created to be the headquarters to build the Hoover Dam, which created Lake Mead. And there it is, an immense blue jewel imbedded in a rocky desert. […]

Boulder City Correspondence – July 2016

Boulder City Boulder City 68th Annual Damboree 4th of July Celebration One of of the joys of Boulder City is scale. Unlike the the sometimes over the top spectacles of nearby Las Vegas, Boulder City is small town of human scale.  One such simple joy is Boulder City’s Annual Damboree 4th of July Celebration. The name Damboree […]