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DAYTON is in Virginia City

by Dennis Cassinelli For many years, my family and I have lived in Dayton, Nevada, “Gateway to the Comstock.” This is where Nevada gold was first discovered in 1849 that ten years later, led to the discovery of silver and the Comstock Lode. When the Virginia and Truckee Railroad was completed in 1869, one of […]

Las Vegas — Reality or Promoter’s Illusion?

Las Vegas, Desert-Inn

by Myram Borders    Las Vegas rode into the 20th century on a horse-drawn wagon and left in a golden chariot.                       Fremont Street about 1915, with the he original Union Pacific Railroad Station on Main Street at center.                                                 Photo credit: University of Nevada, Las Vegas, University Libraries   Editor’s Choice After spending seven months […]

Eulogy for a Gambler

Herman Knickerbocker Prospecting at Rawhide Nevada

The funeral oration for Riley Grannan by Herman W. Knickerbocker On April 3, 1908, a former Methodist minister faced a small audience crowded into a backroom dance hall in the booming mining town of Rawhide. His name was Herman Knickerbocker, and he had been the pastor of Trinity Church in Los Angeles until he was […]

Mark Twain’s Collar Buttons

Dan De Quille

by Dan De Quille The Golden Era, December 6, 1863 William Wright (Dan De Quille) If I had known that Mark Twain’s shirts were all without collars I would never have gone into partnership with him in rooms. I should have sternly refused having such a partner — all his excellent qualities and his useful […]

Finding Clemens Cove

One of the most memorable episodes in “Roughing It” recounts how young Sam Clemens hiked up to Lake Tahoe from Carson City. Sam Clemens, 1864  He tells how he and his companion staked a timber claim and accidentally set the forest on fire. The two escaped with their lives by rowing their skiff out into the […]

Nevada’s Dead Towns

John Muir

by John Muir (1875) Nevada is one of the very youngest and wildest of the States; nevertheless it is already strewn with ruins that seem as gray and silent and time-worn as if the civilization to which they belonged had perished centuries ago. Yet, strange to say, all these ruins are results of mining efforts […]

A Brief History of Lincoln County

Cathedral Gorge Nevada

Cathedral Gorge in US 93 near Panaca By Dave Maxwell   Visit Lincoln County this summer. It’s worth it. Part of Nevada’s Silver Trails Territory, it definitely fits that description.   In 1849, during the great Western migration, a party from Kansas seeking a shorter way from Salt Lake to California crossed through present day Lincoln […]

The Horse Hunt That Spawned ‘The Misfits’

by Peter A. Kraemer Here ‘s a photo (I assume by Gus Bundy) of A.J. “Joe”Liebling and Lucille Spectorsky with Lucius Beebe, Chuck Clegg and Katie Hilyard of “the Katies” in the doorway of the Nevada Brewery in Virginia City on the occasion of their wedding in 1948 or ’49. Lucille came back to divorce […]

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