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A Visit to Kingston

Miles End B&B, Kingston Nevada

The best way to get to Kingston is by way of US 50 to Austin, then west down into the Reese River Valley a couple of miles and then south on the road marked for Big Creek. At Big Creek you turn east and climb into the Toiyabes. But don’t do it in the family […]

The Evolution of Last Chance Joe

Last Cance Joe at Victorian Square, Sparks Nevada

by Dick Dreiling The original image of Last Chance Joe was designed in 1952 by Roscoe E. “Duke” Reading of Boise Idaho for Dick Graves. NOW Available at Your Local DMV Office! The Last Chance Joe Charity License plate is available for cars, trucks, motorcycles and motorhomes at license plate issuing offices of the Nevada […]

Mark Twain’s First Letter

Ormsby House, Carson City Nevada, 1863

by Jim Reed Ormsby House, Carson City, 1863 In signing his famous “letter from Carson City” on January 31, 1863, the man directing the pen morphed from Samuel Langhorne Clemens to Mark Twain with just a few wriggles of his wrist. The world of literature had gained an immortal. This was the first known use […]

Sparks: A Town of Two Times

by Wendell Huffman                                         The Sparks rail yard in the 1930s (photo: University of Nevada, Reno, Special Collections) Sparks was created in the early 20th century as part of the Union Pacific Railroad’s modernization of the Central Pacific line across Nevada. The old division point at Wadsworth, where trains were dispatched, crews changed, and […]

DAYTON is in Virginia City

by Dennis Cassinelli For many years, my family and I have lived in Dayton, Nevada, “Gateway to the Comstock.” This is where Nevada gold was first discovered in 1849 that ten years later, led to the discovery of silver and the Comstock Lode. When the Virginia and Truckee Railroad was completed in 1869, one of […]

Las Vegas — Reality or Promoter’s Illusion?

Las Vegas, Desert-Inn

by Myram Borders    Las Vegas rode into the 20th century on a horse-drawn wagon and left in a golden chariot.                       Fremont Street about 1915, with the he original Union Pacific Railroad Station on Main Street at center.                                                 Photo credit: University of Nevada, Las Vegas, University Libraries   Editor’s Choice After spending seven months […]

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