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Comstock Mining Update — May 26, 2018

Lyon County Court House

Third District Court Hearing Explores Keller and Hastings Potential Conflict of Interest A hearing in the Comstock Residents Association lawsuit against Lyon County and Comstock Mining, Inc., was held Monday, April 23, 2018 in Lyon County’s Third Judicial District Court. At its conclusion, Judge Robert Estes extended the lawsuit’s discovery period for sixty days, with […]

Comstock Mining Update – June 15, 2017

CMI stock price skids to 14 cents

This Update was prompted by Comstock Mining Inc annual meeting held at the Gold Hill Hotel on June 1. Those of us who live on the Comstock know how rich our communities are in what matters most: friendships, co-operation, love and respect for our neighbors. That’s why CMI’s presence here struck such a sour note […]

Comstock Mining Update January 20, 2017

New York Mine head frame 2017, Gold Hill Nevada

Isn’t there a mechanism to rid the New York Stock Exchange of the corpses underfoot? Apparently not, as Comstock Mining Inc [LODE], the gang that couldn’t mine straight, has become the corporate equivalent of the Walking Dead. It is lifeless, but lingers on. Bulletin Just as this Update was about to launch, Comstock Mining Inc […]

Comstock Mining Update – July 31, 2016

We failed. Bumper stickers fade some after 5 years in the Nevada sun. For more than five years residents of the Comstock tried to keep an upstart mining company from digging an enormous pit mine in the the Virginia City National Historic Landmark just above Devil’s Gate in Gold Canyon. Despite our efforts the pit […]

Comstock Mining Update — May 24, 2016

Underground portal at the Lucerne Pit, Gold Hill Nevada

Having completed the unprofitable five year fiasco of the Lucerne Pit — with the Grand Finale of collapsing Highway 342 into it — Comstock Mining Inc. (or is it LLC?) laid off most of its employees and went underground where it immediately ran out of money again. And so on December 31 2015 the company announced its intention to float another stock […]