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Comstock Mining Update January 20, 2017

New York Mine head frame 2017, Gold Hill Nevada

Isn’t there a mechanism to rid the New York Stock Exchange of the corpses underfoot? Apparently not, as Comstock Mining Inc [LODE], the gang that couldn’t mine straight, has become the corporate equivalent of the Walking Dead. It is lifeless, but lingers on. Bulletin Just as this Update was about to launch, Comstock Mining Inc […]

Comstock Mining Update — October 31, 2016

Comstock Mining Inc share prices since July 2016

The rumor dancing eagerly, gladly, euphorically up and down Gold Canyon from Virginia City to Dayton and then back again, is that Comstock Mining Inc is dead. Comstock Mining Inc share prices since July 2016 This judgment is uttered as gospel over the bars at C Street Saloons, and accepted as the inevitable outcome by those who […]

Comstock Mining Update – July 31, 2016

We failed. Bumper stickers fade some after 5 years in the Nevada sun. For more than five years residents of the Comstock tried to keep an upstart mining company from digging an enormous pit mine in the the Virginia City National Historic Landmark just above Devil’s Gate in Gold Canyon. Despite our efforts the pit […]

Comstock Mining Update — May 24, 2016

Underground portal at the Lucerne Pit, Gold Hill Nevada

Having completed the unprofitable five year fiasco of the Lucerne Pit — with the Grand Finale of collapsing Highway 342 into it — Comstock Mining Inc. (or is it LLC?) laid off most of its employees and went underground where it immediately ran out of money again. And so on December 31 2015 the company announced its intention to float another stock […]

Comstock Mining Update – December 24, 2015

CMI stock via nasdaq New Year's Eve 2015

On December 4th Comstock Mining Inc issued a press release headlined: Comstock Mining Completes State Route Realignment Ahead of Schedule New York Mine, Gold Hill Nevada, December 2013 In previous years CMI loaded the head frame of the New York Mine with cheap Chinese Christmas lights and has had them up and blazing away even before […]

Comstock Mining Update — October 26, 2015

While most attention has been paid recently to the ongoing destruction of the Virginia City National Historic Landmark, another historic Comstock landmark has been severely damaged as well. Having failed to obtain a gaming license, the Delta Saloon has also lost its liquor license. The world-famous Delta Saloon is now the Biggest Hot Dog Stand in […]

Comstock Mining Update – September 30, 2015

Highway 342 closed at Devil's Gate, Silver City Nevada

Highway 342 Closed Again On September 28 NCOT announced that State Route 342 through Gold Hill will be closed again September 29 through November 12, with periodic lane closures and continuing construction in the roadway shoulder through the end of the year. Through traffic will be detoured to nearby State Route 341 (the truck route), which bypasses […]

Comstock Mining Update — August 1, 2015

Ore truck crossing, Gold Hill Nevada

An amazing turnaround: Comstock Mining Inc’s share price had tanked at the NYSE, down, down, down from $1.11 on January 16 to 38¢ on June 28. And then on July 29 it spurted suddenly back up again to 60¢, which is where it stood at closing on Friday July 31. Get the current price here. What happened? From […]

Comstock Mining Update – May 31, 2015

Silver City sign

Early in the week of May 3, persons unknown erected a sign near the junction of Main Street, Silver City (Highway 342), with the Truck Route (Highway 341) blaming Comstock Mining Inc., the Storey County Commissioners and the Nevada Department of Transportation for the closure of the highway (342) between Silver City and Gold Hill. […]

Comstock Mining Update – April 28, 2015

Lucerne Pit, Gold Hill Nevada

The fiasco of the Lucerne Pit is a good example of what’s wrong with the way government monitors mining in Nevada. We can thank Comstock Mining Inc. for that, if for nothing else; if CMI weren’t such a brazen scofflaw, we wouldn’t see the problem as clearly as we do. It is almost impossible for […]

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