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Our most recent Nevada Gram

NevadaGram #205 - Hold that Tiger (and those Bears)

Lily in her pool at Safe Haven Refuge Nevada
I don't quite know how to introduce the strange place in the desert we visited early in July. It is only ten miles off Interstate 80 at Mill City but far removed from what you expect to find in the Buena Vista Valley. It's called Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary. You're welcome to visit, but call ahead first — 775-538-7093 — to make sure the gate is open. From Mill City drive south on Nevada 400; about 10 miles along you'll pass a small tan cinderblock structure on the right and then take the first road to the right, maybe a quarter mile farther on. This graded gravel road leads straight to the base of the mountains, but the marked turnoff to Safe Haven is about a half-mile along. Pass through the gate as pre-arranged and continue to the small compound that is headquarters for the fenced and double-gated retirement community for wild animals unfit for the wild.Read more

Most Recent Nevada Correspondence

Elko Correspondence - October 2018

Fall is in the air, and there is lots to do in Elko this month while the weather is nice. Western Folklife Center Happenings                                                                            "Indian Summer" by Sharon Gilmore-Thompson The Western Folklife Center is presenting a new exhibition in the Wiegand Gallery -- Stitching Art: Contemporary Quilts and More. The exhibit is on display September 21 through December 8, 2018. Stitching Art showcases the quilts and collections of six fabric artists, who have taken great joy in honing stitching skills to create work that beautifully reflects personal interests, aesthetics, moods, and milestones. In the exhibit’s curator seat is award-winning quilter Sharon Gilmore-Thompson, who has gathered together work from northeastern Nevada artisans Mable Beatty, Donna Chism, Holly Bruning, Karleen Bundy, and Shirley Davis. These women all share an addiction to fabric arts and testify that stitchwork contributes to their physical and mental well-being.Read more

Recent Feature

The Great Race Redux 1908 - 2008

1930 Chevrolet Speedster leading the way

Luke Rizzuto was one of the people who thrilled when a centennial re-creation of the Great New York to Paris automobile race was announced. Times Square, New York City on February 12, 1908 as the Great Race was about to begin; the crowd was estimated at 250,000 people. He has a rare 1918 Chevrolet touring car with an overhead valve V8 engine — that's right, Chevrolet made this engine from 1917 to 1919 and then abandoned it until 1955 — and he wanted to drive it across country following the route of the winning Thomas Flyer in 1908. So he set about seeking sponsors to defray the substantial cost to participate. This video was made when Luke was trying at attract sponsors. When the race organizers went bankrupt, he decided to make the run anyhow. However, the organizers of the event became disorganized and eventually they cancelled their event. But Luke still wanted to do it.

Recent Feature

Northern Nevada Arts & Artists

Hot Club of San Francsco plays Artown in Reno

August is heat in Northern Nevada, and that brings out the festival season as well as quite a few art-oriented events. Let's take a look at a few of these events. Street Theater in Carson City On the evenings of August 11th and 12th, Madame Curry will take us on a walk around Carson City's historic west side to encounter the lingering ghosts of those whose homes these were. Madame Curry is a spirited and historically fictional character named for the widow of Carson City’s founder, Abe Curry. This is the 26th season of the Carson City Ghost Walk, a delightfully spooky and enjoyable way to experience Carson City’s Victorian Era and diverse history. Hear about lingering spirits of the long ago centuries, haunted and paranormal stories and gossip from the past. This is a spirit lead, guided walking tour of the downtown district’s west side historic homes and businesses.

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