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Our most recent Nevada Gram

NevadaGram #196 - Following Mark Twain around Paris

On the 4th of July 1867, Sam Clemens was 32 years old and had acquired the beginnings of a reputation and a career by becoming Mark Twain. He had embarked on a 5-month tour of Europe and the Holy Land with a contract to produce 50 letters for the Alta California in San Francisco and a few more for some newspapers in New York. On that Independence Day 150 years ago the sidewheel steamer Quaker City arrived at Marseilles after brief visits to the Azores and Gibraltar, and the passengers went ashore to the Grand Hotel du Louvre et de la Paix to await the next day’s train to Paris. I decided to follow them. I'm not the first to follow Sam around Paris Paula Harrington was a Fulbright scholar in Paris for six months, trying to figure out why "our most famous American writer came to loathe the place that so many other famous writers have loved.Read more

Nevada Correspondence

Nevada Correspondence - November 2017

In this edition:   Baker, Elko, Ely, Fallon, Las Vegas, Laughlin, Lincoln County, Mineral County, North Lake Tahoe, Pahrump, South Lake Tahoe, Sparks   Baker                                                              The 25-yard rifle competition at the annual Baker Turkey Shoot November ushers in colder weather, but that doesn’t stop people from going out for the annual turkey shoot. We don’t shoot turkeys, but those who have the highest scores shooting targets win frozen turkeys. The 16th annual event will be held Saturday, November 18th, starting at 9 a.m. Adult and youth categories are available, with archery, rifle, pistol, and shotgun events. It’s $5 to enter each event, with at least five signed up for an event to go. It usually is an all-day affair, with food concessions available. Proceeds go to the Snake Valley Volunteer Fire and EMS Department.                                               The kids' archery competition is a popular part of Baker's annual turkey shoot, too.Read more


Horse Guts

Squaw Tom Sanders

by Squaw Tom Sanders This story I want to tell you about happened in 1917. I worked at Mono Lake there. It was team days back then, and we was buildin' highways. We had rippers pulled with horses to loosen up the dirt. We had about eight, ten teams on this ripper, made out of heavy iron like a plow. And then we worked with Fresnos getting the dirt out of there, and then we had horse blades. Everything was pick and shovel. Our Nevada Bookstore Enjoy these authentic stories from Nevada's past, told by the man who lived them. Tom was the real deal, and his unique tales illuminate a Nevada now nearly forgotten. They built a camp with a corral where a little stream of water come into Mono Lake there. Mono Lake had 23 minerals in there, heavy minerals. We lived in Army tents, with a out-house. .Read more

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