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NevadaGram #198 - Must See-Must Do, Hot Spring Getaway

China Camp, near Tecopa
It is traditional for us to unlimber our Nevada 'Must-See Must Do' list in this first edition of the New Year. In the past Robin and I (and once, Shorty — he loved the dog-friendly Harrah's in Laughlin!) have made each selection. This year, though, many of them have been submitted by our Correspondents around the state — no-one knows what's happening better than a savvy local. And we've made it a point to include more restaurants than before, as food can be the highlight — or the downfall — of any journey. Our purpose isn't to make a list of Bests — always subjective — but to call attention to some of the excellence occurring daily in Nevada that doesn't always get the attention it deserves.Read more

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Nevada Correspondence - February 2018

In this edition:   Baker, Cal-Nev-Ari, Carson Valley, Elko, Ely, Las Vegas, Laughlin, Lincoln County, Mineral County, North Lake Tahoe, Pahrump, Sparks   Baker Winter Wildlife                                                                                                 A watchful weasel At first glance, it might seem like all the animals have disappeared in February. But it doesn’t take long before you can start finding wildlife, although it might take a little extra effort. One of the best ways to see wildlife is to borrow some snowshoes from the Lehman Caves Visitor Center and head to the Baker Creek Road or Upper Lehman Creek Campground. Both roads are gated, but you can hike past the gates to look for wildlife tracks. Look for the distinctive hopping pattern of rabbits and try to guess if jackrabbits or cottontails left the tracks. Deer tracks are easy to spot, but if the tracks look a little bigger, then they could be elk tracks. Elk are still expanding in the area.Read more

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Jackrabbits in Winter

Jackrabbit in Winter

by Larry Hyslop I was walking my dogs along a snow-covered dirt road, bundled up since the temperature was in the teens. A black-tailed jackrabbit emerged from the base of a large sagebrush to sprint down the road. My rat terrier took off in pursuit but soon gave up, having learned long ago it has no chance of catching a jackrabbit. My Jack Russell, nicknamed Tubby, merely watched the chase before walking over to smell around the sagebrush. I walked over and knelt beside the sagebrush. Removing my glove, I felt the matted, dry leaves inside this jackrabbit’s scrape where its last bit of warmth remained. Jackrabbits in winter cold always make me wonder how they survive living among sagebrush. I have heard people say they just go into their burrow, but the black-tail jackrabbits are not rabbits, but hares. As such, they do not dig underground burrows. Nor do they use other animals’ burrows.Read more

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