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Our most recent Nevada Gram

NevadaGram #194 - Laughlin, Art Flap at Baker

US 95 in Nevada
We'd been a long day on the road and running late, hurrying now that a sunset was setting the sky on fire, worried we'd find all the campsites taken. We'd visited the Big Bend of the Colorado Recreation Area a few years ago and remembered it as an attractive spot with 24 campsites. There were only embers glowing in the western sky when we pulled off the Needles Highway about five miles south of Laughlin. But . . . other than a single RV near the entrance the campground was deserted. We drove slowly past 23 empty camp sites, one after another, then came back around to pick one near the showers and hook up to the power. We drifted off to dreamland wondering why we were the only ones using this very nicely designed and maintained — and eerily empty and silent — facility.Read more

Nevada Correspondence

Nevada Correspondence - September 2017

In this edition: Baker, Elko, Ely, Las Vegas, Laughlin, Lincoln County, Mineral County, Pahrump, Reno, Tonopah, South Lake Tahoe   Baker September is one of the most beautiful months to visit Baker and the surrounding area. With the cooler temperatures and shorter days, the leaves start changing color, beginning at tree line and working their way down. Snake Creek, in the southern part of the park, has beautiful high elevation aspen groves. A hike to Johnson Lake takes you through them, as well as the newly restored Johnson Mill. HistoriCorps, a group of volunteers who restores historic buildings, worked on this old building for a month earlier in the summer. Fall colors at Dead Lake You can also try out the new trail to Dead Lake. Don’t be expecting much of a lake—it’s called Dead Lake because it often shrinks to a puddle. But it also has great aspens next to it, making for some nice reflections.Read more


Horse Guts

Squaw Tom Sanders

by Squaw Tom Sanders This story I want to tell you about happened in 1917. I worked at Mono Lake there. It was team days back then, and we was buildin' highways. We had rippers pulled with horses to loosen up the dirt. We had about eight, ten teams on this ripper, made out of heavy iron like a plow. And then we worked with Fresnos getting the dirt out of there, and then we had horse blades. Everything was pick and shovel. Our Nevada Bookstore Enjoy these authentic stories from Nevada's past, told by the man who lived them. Tom was the real deal, and his unique tales illuminate a Nevada now nearly forgotten. They built a camp with a corral where a little stream of water come into Mono Lake there. Mono Lake had 23 minerals in there, heavy minerals. We lived in Army tents, with a out-house. .Read more

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